Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. 

Champlur, by Sophie Giraldeau

This is a student project, so is unfortunately as-yet-unrealized, but we are crossing our fingers that it will see the light of day. Quebec University student Sophie Giraldeau designed this packaging for champagne Champlur, giving the traditionally gold-tinted, serifed bottles an interesting twist with the addition of metal plumbing accoutrements. According to Giraldeau, this “makes it easier to open the bottle, therefore bringing the experience of the high quality product.”

Humboldt Distillery Cannabis-Infused Vodka, by Auston Design Group 

For those looking to blaze it (sort of) while they’re boozing, look no further than Humboldt Distillery’s Cannabis-Infused Vodka, designed by California-based agency  Auston Design Group. The designs pay tribute to Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, using a “traditional feel, referencing the craft that goes into creating this special spirit,” says the studio.

Before you go queuing up four seasons of SpongeBob and stocking up on Oreos, bear in mind that the vodka doesn’t “feature any of the THC found in marijuana, instead it’s a product made with locally grown hemp that’s a subtle nod to the region’s pot-growing tradition.” This, and certain legal questions, meant leafy graphics and the like were very much out. “Aside from the usual built-in labeling law limitations that go along with packaging alcohol, federal labeling laws strongly prohibit referencing, or depicting anything related to illegal drugs on alcohol packaging,” says Auston. “So, in this case, it meant no pot plants, leaves, reefers, blunts, pipes, or bongs—nothing fun.” Still, it looks pretty fun to us.

Juno, by Strategy Collective 

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, strategic and creative agency Strategy Collective has created these sophisticated-looking bottles for gin brand Juno. The illustrations and presentation case designs were created by Strategy Collective creative director Craig Jones, using a matte black finish and bold, gold type to create a sense of the gin’s alleged capacity to “charm the most ordinary occasion into something magical.” We’ll drink to that.

Wölffer Gin, by IWANT design

We’re ending this week’s Happy Hour with more of mother’s ruin, this time designed by London agency IWANT design. The studio created these pretty florals for the distinctly pink Wölffer Gin. The label illustration takes a similarly feminine approach that manages to err just on the right side of saccharine. The “i” in gin forms the body of a butterfly whose wings are composed from snippets of landscapes and flora. A paradisal approach for a drink so historically ruinous.