Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. It may not quite be time to dust off the grill and get outside, but these bold beer brands will put you in the mood for brighter days.

Commonwealth Brewing Co., by Thirst
While most beer branding is all about creating a stand-out aesthetic, these colorful numbers use visuals to communicate what matters most—taste. Each combination of colors is carefully selected to reflect the flavors of each unique brew. Vibrant!

Bison Beer, by Erik Musin
How strong is your bevvy? This one packs the punch of a bison, and Erik Musin has channeled some old-world Americana typography to complement his hunting trophy logo mark. There’s a black stout, a red lager, and a white non-alcoholic beer that we don’t usually condone drinking, but are bigs fans of the design.

Partizan, by Alec Doherty
Partizan’s multi-faceted approach to brewing is reflected in these playful labels by illustrator Alec Doherty. Each one features an unusual cast of characters, or in some cases a single, solitary figure like this little guy enjoying a poolside sunset. We could do with a dose of what he’s having about now.

Mateo & Bernabé & Friends, by Moruba
Moruba has channeled the old European heritage of this craft beer from La Rioja, Spain. The fish and the billhook both reference folk tales from the city’s history, while the numbers on the bottles reference two saints after which the beers are named. For those whose religion is beer!