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Happy Hour: Four Non-Alcoholic Beverages Done Right

A toast to the best branding in beverages

’Tis (almost) the season to detox. After a month of indulgent imbibing, it feels like the right time to step away from the bottle—at least of the alcoholic variety. Regardless of how you feel about Dry January, there are tons of handsome, (mostly) non-alcoholic options out there to fill a month-long break. Read on for the best in non-booze branding this month.

B&B Studio: Infinite Session beer

Alcohol-free beer often comes with a stigma, but what if it looked like any other craft brew in the beer aisle? That’s the thinking behind Infinite Session, a cleverly named line of 0.5% alcohol beers that are designed to look like a modern craft beer brand.

B&B Studio designed the beer’s label to reflect its name. A circular logo in bold sans serif type teases out the idea of infinity, while a band of shimmery color communicates which of the four kind of beer you’re drinking. The designers aimed to normalize” alcohol-free beer, and we have to say—mission accomplished.

Design Army: Mocktail Club

The great thing about mocktails—or fake cocktails—is that there’s really no compromise. They tend to be fruity, complex, and delicious, which is exactly what the packing for a new line of non-alcoholic cocktails called Mocktail Club evokes.

Fashioned after classic cocktails like manhattans, mojitos, and margaritas, the bottles of non-alcoholic tea embrace their tropical names like Capri Sour, Havana Twist, and Bombay Fire. Design Army crafted labels with vibrant watercolor gradients that serve as the backdrop for the brand’s bold black typeface. It’s the kind of label that makes you want to kick your feet up and enjoy a bottle by the ocean, hangover-free.


In-house: Recess CBD seltzer

Ok ok, we might be bending the rules a little with Recess, a new sparkling water infused with CBD, but it’s so dang pretty we couldn’t help ourselves. The line of drinks, which promises to chill you out with a low dose of the non-psychoactive cannabis compound, comes in three flavors with cans to match. “Recess” is scrawled across the front in a simple light script typeface. The background colors look like a sunset. “An antidote to modern times,” runs along the side of the can in white sans serif, crystallizing the fizzy drink’s appeal. A modern can for modern times, indeed.


Mr. Kiji: O'Doul’s beer

Non-alcoholic beer tends to look like a cheap knockoff of its boozy brethren. Take O’Doul’s, Anheuser-Busch’s no alcohol beer that has sported a pseudo Irish lager label that looks as old as the its 28 years of existence.

No surprise here, but O’Douls was having trouble with millennials, which is what led to its ingenious marking stunt. To attract a younger crowd, the company switched up its branding for one night only, swapping the green label for a bright geometric pattern designed by Mr. Kiji. Let’s just say it was an improvement.

The new branding was unfortunately temporary—the beer is back to its standard label roots—but we’re still holding out hope that they might someday make Mr. Kiji’s refresh more permanent.

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Happy Hour