Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, we bring you a suitably summery collection featuring “Instagram-friendly” interactive craft beers, paradisiacal ale, and more.

Paradise Ale, by SDCO partners

What is paradise? We’re not too sure, but a combination of beer and doing good can’t be too far off the mark. Welcome, then, Paradise Beer, designed by South Carolina agency SDCO partners. Paradise is the latest creation from Charleston-based brew house Holy City Brewing, and was created to support the Don’t Drill SC movement. “The illustrated can celebrates the beauty of Charleston’s waterways and Holy City’s Commitment to keeping them clean,” says the agency, which describes Paradise as a “refreshing easy-drinker with a floral nose and lots of hop flavor.”

Steamworks Summer Ale, by Laurie Millotte 

Vancouver-based designer Laurie Millotte worked with illustrator Michael Halbert to create these almost outrageously chipper designs for Steamworks Summer Ale, which really are about as summery as they come. Managing to balance bold orange and turquoise with an etching-like illustrative style, the designs have something of a Ye Olde World-ness about them but deftly sidestep mindless parody. We’re very much digging the soporific look in the sun’s eyes and its coquettish pout, as well as the little ginger chap clinging onto one of its rays for dear life. The product shots were taken care of by Millotte’s agency Outshinery, which specializes in bottle product photography.

Candelaria, by Sed 

You want innovation? We got innovation, right here, in Peru’s first-ever silkscreened beer bottle design. This niche little title was scooped by agency Sed’s designs for Peruvian beer brand Candelaria. Sed, which is based in the Barranco district, was appointed to update several of the brand’s packaging designs, and worked with illustrator Orlando Aquije on these striking lager labels. “A few weeks after the launch, ‘Lager’ already became an iconic product for Candelaria,” claims Sed. “Orlando Aquije’s talent brought the devil’s mask to life.”

Offshoot Beer, by Joanna Dawson

The Orange County-based brewery confusingly named The Bruery has just launched possibly the most 21st-century product line ever: “Instagram-friendly,” “interactive” craft beers. In-house designer Joanna Dawson and creative director Cambria Griffith created these charming Cart and Horse designs, using interlocking tessellation patterns wrapping the full can. It’s a clever and bold move to have the pattern and image take center stage—there’s very little text or branding here—and definitely adds to the small-batch, limited-edition vibe the brewery prides itself on. This launch is the first in a new series in which a different designer will create can designs every month, and forthcoming designers include Randy Mosher, Matt Varnish, Eric Sena, and Jason Roberson.