Eye on Design Magazine Issue #02 ”Psych” | designed by Shira Inbar


Eye on Design #02— the “Psych” issue—is here in all its DayGlo glory. This time around we’re exploring the intersection of design and mind-altering experiences of all kinds. Meet a range of characters, from the unknown women behind 1960s psychedelic design, to the designers today who are tuning in but never dropping out by shifting drug use from recreational to vocational.

In the issue, we trace the new school of surreal, acid-laced design to its unlikely roots at a corporate business magazine, and talk to a range of experts, from psychics forecasting the future of design, to the branding masterminds who are manipulating your buying habits. Along with a healthy dose of trickery and illusion, the “Psych” issue features deep reporting, candid interviews and op-eds, mind-bending visual essays, and editorial packages that stretch and test what design journalism can be.

Order a copy (or subscribe) for tangible goodies including:

  • Printed in DayGlo ink 
  • 160 pages of luxe Mohawk paper stocks
  • Special guest designer, Shira Inbar
  • Tear-out poster designed by Nejc Prah
  • Rarely seen early-era Magic Eye optical illusions
  • Original illustration and design by The Rodina, Alexis Beauclair, Wade Jeffree + Leta Sobierajski, Jesse Reed, and many more

“Serious minded and beautifully presented. An essential read for anyone interested in design.”—Creative Bloq

“An ode to the art of physical magazine-making—and a gift to those who love to read them.”—Fast Company

“A fascinating piece of magazine-making.”—Stack Magazines

A beautifully flickable piece of publishing. Eye on Design blends stories together in a manner that defies traditional practice—yet works.”—magCulture