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No. 222: Rodrigo Corral Pairs Up With Daniel Libeskind, Roz Chast Exhibits Her Neurotic New Yorker, Letterform Archive Goes Digital + More

Hello and welcome to Friday, when we bring you our weekly Design Diary, a collection of five projects that made their way to us this week.

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Badlands Unlimited returns

Badlands Unlimited is back! If you didn’t realize they went away, no worries, you’re not the only one. But the publisher, founded by artist Paul Chan, puts out consistently good work, including design books and books that are conscientiously designed, and digital works that push the boundaries of what an e-book can be.

They also put out a very good announcement newsletter:

And they have a new stance on social media:

And in general just a good sense of humor. Welcome back, Badlands, we didn’t realize how bad we missed you.

Roz Chast retrospective at SVA

“On every level I feel like anything horrible can happen at any moment,” Roz Chast once told an interviewer. Calling Chast anxious is perhaps a bit of an understatement, but the cartoonist managed to make a career out of being a neurotic New Yorker in a stress-inducing world. Over the course of three decades, she’s made work for The Village Voice, National Lampoon, Scientific American, Mother Jones, and written numerous books, but her work will forever be most closely associated with The New Yorker. Chast is being honored at SVA in the latest Masters Series exhibition, which will include loads of her sketchy, anxiety-fueled illustrations, as well as some curveballs like “a new hand-drawn mural, notebooks Chast kept in high school, embroideries, hooked rugs and hand-dyed pysanky, or Ukrainian-style Easter eggs.”

Letterform Archive is now online

We’re long-time fans of the Letterform Archive, San Fransisco’s 50,000-item archive and design-geek mecca. And as non-SFers, we’ve long been jealous of those who could pop in and see some original hand drawn lettering from William Addison Dwiggins or psychedelic spreads of Oz magazine. But we just got some news that Letterform has been building up their online archive—now up to 1,000 pieces—and will be opening it up to their members this week. One thing we’re especially excited about having access to is Zuzana Licko’s and Rudy VanderLans’ work at Emigre, Inc, the legendary avant-garde design magazine that Massimo Vignelli once called a “typographic garbage factory.” The exciting history of graphic design! We’d recommending getting your membership, stat.

Mike Perry prints on eBay

Mike Perry, best known lately for his illustrations for the Broad City opening sequence, is auctioning off some exclusive, one-of-a-kind, very rare prints on eBay. The proceeds are going toward the JED Foundation, a mental health non-profit that works toward preventing teen suicide, so it’s the type of holiday gift you can feel good about from all angles. Or just get one for yourself—that works, too.


Edge of Order by Daniel Libeskind; designed by Rodrigo Corral

The Pritzker Prize winning architect Daniel Libeskind has a new book out this month, designed by EoD favorite and master book designer Rodrigo Corral. The architectural tome, nicely titled Edge of Orderis not only an ode to the Libeskind’s accomplished career, it also promises to shed light on his his creative processes and methods, complete with sketches, notes, plans, and photographs of his landmark projects. Not to mention a killer cover design by Corral, encased in a plastic slip-cover, and ideal for a Christmas gift. 


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