No. 229: Sweet Gelato Branding, Superb Packaging for Weird Al Yankovic, Kinetic Type Experiments + More

Got them January chills? Heck, why not warm those cockles with five fantastic design projects that have made us forget those frozen toes this week. For more along these lines (and so many others) follow along all day, every day on Instagram @AIGAeyeondesignFacebook, and Twitter @AIGAeyeondesign.

Annie Stoll, Weird Al Yankovic Squeezebox designs

Sony Music designer Annie Stoll recently got in touch with news of a very fun project indeed—the designs for the Weird Al Yankovic Squeezebox Vinyl retrospective package. Still worked with Meg Foley and Al himself, and the gang has even found the fruits of their labor nominated for a Grammy for best special packaging. The box set features all 14 of Al’s studio albums, plus a 15th album of “odds and ends,” as Stoll puts it, called Medium Rarities. She adds, “It comes with a 100-page booklet of rare photos, and it’s enclosed in an amazing replica of Al’s accordion.” The photos were garnered from rooting through and curating tons of ephemera found in Al’s drummer’s garage; while the package design itself takes the form of a moving accordion replica. Fingers crossed for that Grammy.

Classmate Studio, branding for Debrecen 2023 - European Cultural Capital of Culture

Budapest-based Classmate Studio has created this modern, dynamic, and joyfully colorful branding for the 2023 bid for the city of Debrecen to be the European Cultural Capital of Culture. The campaign is entitled Sharing Horizons, and is based around the idea of “magnetic attraction… with the introduction of horizontally split layouts,” explain’s Classmate’s József G Kiss. “At the same time as the arrows transform into circles, abstract representations of people, ideas, and community are all drawn on to the horizon, sharing the same space and aspirations,” he adds. The studio also created the punchy bespoke typeface Debrecen Sans for the project.

Duncan Brazzil, Kinetic Typography Experiments

Sure, moving type is nothing new, but there’s something rather compelling about this Kinetic Typography Experiments project from UK-based designer Duncan Brazzil. The self-initiated poster project began in mid-2018 in a bid to “enhance my skills in motion design,” Brazzil explains. It has since evolved into more than 50 posters that “aim to communicate feelings, emotions and actions inspired by everyday life,” he says. “Kinetic Typography is a subject that has now become my passion and a big part of my own practice in my work…I look at this project as my biggest achievement today as a designer because when I started I had no technical skills in motion design but wanted to push myself.”

Savvy Agency, Mú Gelato branding

Lisbon-based Savvy Agency has managed to tick off two boxes in regards to design trends we’ve previously highlighted—that for Matisse-like cutouts and “millennial minimalism”—but has still made this branding for Italian ice cream shop Mú very charming indeed. According to the agency, the look and feel pays heed to the fact that “Mú represents a place where you can have fun while enjoying a high quality ice cream.” As such, its branding is bright, cute, and playful, yet with a lovely typographic choice that makes the whole thing all very sophisticated to boot.

“Our brand proposal is inspired by the ice cream texture and the Italian way to make it,” says Savvy. “The visuals consist of simple shapes, giving it a playful and traditional touch. The pureness and diversity of the products are reflected by the simple colors.”

Natalia Pawlak, Forbidden Fruit Club

Some lovely work here from Poland-based illustrator and designer Natalia Pawlak. For her graduation project last year she created Forbidden Fruit Club, a fictional clothing brand with some beautiful and beguiling identity design across everything from print materials to an illustrated zine to T-shirts. “It’s a story about love and passion, [a] journey into the secret garden full of temptations,” says Pawlak. “The fruit in the title is an opening into something forbidden, secret; it’s an element inviting us to a closed circle and referring to Adam and Eve’s biblical story.”

The project seems to be visually informed by the style and motifs of tarot cards, while William Blake’s poetry also plays a significant role across all the brand materials.

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