From Latin America, 2019.

Plus, Studio Mado Klümper and Studio Terhedebrügge brand the student film festival Sehsüchte, Typographics 2019 kicks off, and a new book launches that looks closely at Latin American design. For more along these lines (and so many others) you can follow along all day, every day on Instagram @AIGAeyeondesignFacebook, and Twitter @AIGAeyeondesign.

Sehsuechte Kluemper + Terhedebruegge
  1. Sehsüchte International Film Festival

Since 1972, the Sehsüchte International Student Festival has been hosted by students from the film school in Potsdam, Germany, and has become known as a place for emerging filmmakers to break into the industry. In April of this year, it celebrated its 48th edition with a theme of “explore,” which the festival defines as “breaking through invisible boundaries, facing challenges, entering uncharted waters, and triggering emotions.” This was the basic topic from which the identity, designed by Studio Mado Klümper and Studio Terhedebrügge, sprang.

The designers used color gradients to represent the myriad different ways that people—individually and collectively—explore the world. “These paths are mixed and sorted again; [some] tighten bodies, others blur into an indefinable mass,” they say. “So it always changes our visual perception.”

ONEIRIC.SPACE launched recently as an online magazine interested in exploring dreams and the subconscious, and how those things converge with waking life. Interviews with the likes of photography duo Synchrodogs, 3D designer (and lucid dreamer) Anders Brasch-Willumsem and, brand-director-turned Jungian psychoanalyst Jakob Lusensky, delve thoughtfully into the dreamscape of creatives and emerge to talk about the role those dreams play in their work and life. It’s a fascinating publication, with design by Studio Push that echoes the suspended strangeness of the dream world: the background ripples with the move of your mouse, a scrolling marquee at the bottom of the page gives an endless description of the magazine, and in the corner of the homepage, a 3D rectangular rendering of the website floats and rotates, revealing the website’s various pages on all sides. Each feature also has its own unique layout design—from paginated drop-down sections to a horizontally scrolling carousel to an interview read off the panels of a 3D reversible hexagon. It manages to capture the mystery, hazy absurdity, and disorienting depth of dreaming without falling onto the trope of whimsical and “dreamy” design.

  1. LinkNYC Pride

Pride Month as been a good one so far, with a lot of really nice projects coming from LGBTQ+ designers that celebrate pride and reinforce community.  One of those is a collaboration between Isabel Castillo Guijarro and Ben Wagner for LinkNYC. For the initiative #ArtOnLink, the pair asked 25 NYC-based LGBTQ+ artists to create work to be displayed on the screens of LinkNYC’s WiFi portals all over the city. These works are coming from many, many favs of the EoD team, including Debbie Millman, Zipeng Zhu, Shantell Martin, Chella Man, CuteBrute, Adam J Kurtz, Loveis Wise, and Amalia Andrade. They were kind enough to send us a selection (above) in case you can’t catch them in NYC.

Typographics 2019
  1. Typographics 2019

It’s that time of year again for Typographics festival in New York, where you can get a whole weekend of talks on contemporary typography hosted at the Cooper Union. Now in its fifth year, this two-day lecture series is always a good one, but this year it looks especially promising—featuring Shira Inbar, Tereza Ruller of The Rodina, Jerome Harris, Zipeng Zu, and more.

  1. From Latin America

And finally, we’ve been lucky enough to get a hold of a copy of From Latin America, a collection of work from some of the most talented designers, agencies, and illustrators in the region. Published by Counter-Print, the book is the latest instalment in a series that looks at design from around the world, focusing on one area at a time. This one includes work from IS Creative, Estudio YeYe, Firmalt, Futura, Sociedad Anónima, Parámetro, Savvy, Studio Rejane Dal Bello, and The Branding People—looks like excellent eye candy.