Adjacent, Issue 5

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Kamala House, BV Doshi from Apartamento Publishing 

You’ve likely heard of Apartamento, the interiors magazine much cooler than your average interiors magazine that has long adorned the shelves of creatives everywhere—but did you know that the team behind it also publishes books? And did you know that they publish a series of books on architects and the houses they’ve built? It’s all true! For proof, see these two on Ricardo Bofill and RM Schindler, and check out the brand new third installment, a book devoted to the stunning Kamala House in Ahmedabad, designed by BV Doshi. The book features text by Durga Chew Bose and photography by Quentin de Briey, as well as archival material.

Here’s some more about Doshi from Apartamento Publishing: “After traveling to England in the 1940s to complete his studies in architecture, and working under Le Corbusier in Paris, Doshi returned to a newly independent India in the early ’50s. He founded his practice, Sangath, and struck out on his own intensely humanistic path, with projects ranging from civic and educational institutions to low-income housing projects—and the home he built for his own family in 1963: Kamala House, named after his wife, and home to three generations of family over the past 50 years.”

Colorama Clubhouse #13

Colorama Clubhouse #13 

You’ve almost certainly seen us mention Colorama before—the Berlin collective of illustrators that puts out the Clubhouse zines, which they make in just one week with a bevy of illustrators we love. This week, we’re here to report they’re putting out a big, 100-page comic anthology. Yes, it’s still Risoprinted. And yes, it’s still featuring your favs: Antoine Eckart, Jooyoung Kim, Juliána Chomová, Lale Westvind, Stefanie Leinhos, and Stella Murphy, among many, many others. You can pre-order it here. 

Adjacent, Issue 5

Adjacent issue 5, published by NYU’s ITP 

We only just found out about Adjacent, the online journal of emerging media published by New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and now realize what we’ve been missing out on. The journal has put out four previous issues (read them here: Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3Issue 4), each with a wildly different design. Content is written by and featuring a mix of ITP students, alum, and outside contributors, with some back-issue highlights including Allison Parrish and Surya Mattu.

Now they’re out with their fifth, themed around “Reality,” a word you’ll be confronted with when you hit the homepage, only to watch it blur and fade into the background. Fragmented images are similarly blurred out until you scroll over them, at which point they reveal titles like “Small Mirrors of the Real” by Sam Hains and “The Shape of Reality” by Kathryn Zazenski.  It also features an interview with artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, a piece by Radiolab’s Robert Krulwich, and Marianne R. Petit and Alex Kauffmann of Google’s Advanced Technology Group. 

This Way Is Up, degree show from UCA Epsom 2019 graduating class  

It’s that time of year: the joyful circus of degree shows, after parties, talks, and the studio visits—oh, so many studio visits. It’s hard to get to all the ones in your city alone, to say nothing of those happening in other towns. What’s a design devotee interested in the work of recent grads and emerging designers to do?

The students from University for the Creative Arts Epsom in the UK have devised a solution: they will come to you. They’ve packed all of their work into a van and are traveling for 10 days in June to hold pop-up exhibitions in places like the Pentagram office in London, NB Studio, G.F. Smith ,and more. They’ve designed their van with the branding of the show, titled This Way Is Up, and even made a standards manual for their branding that they’ve leave behind them at all the studios they visit. They’re still still looking for studios to host them, so if you’re in the UK and keen to see their work get in touch. Without seeing the exhibition, we already admire their problem-solving skills and entrepreneurial spirit—feels like these are students that are ready for post-grad life.

Housing Literacy, designed by Partner & Partners and Kasey Zapatka

Housing Literacy, by Partner & Partners

Partner & Partners in New York has paired up with Kasey Zapatka, a digital publics fellow at The Center for the Humanities at The Graduate Center, CUNY to create a resource we’re very grateful for: Housing Literacy, a project that demystifies the complex rent regulation laws in NYC. When you visit the site, you’re greeted with typical renting documents—standard rent-stabilized lease, renewal lease, and lease rider—that are annotated with notes and definitions that explain the language.

The idea is to give “rent-stabilized tenants the knowledge that will empower them to better address their housing-related issues,” according to Partner & Partners. They created it with the support of Tenants & Neighbors. It’s a helpful resource, especially against the backdrop of the New York state laws passed a couple of weeks ago designed to strengthen tenant protections. The pendulum may be swinging away from real estate interests, but it never hurts to read the fine print.