If you’ve been wondering where the hell filmmaker Bas Berkhout has been since since last summer, when we saw the last episode of “Like Knows Like,” his acclaimed doc series about the lives of fascinating creative people from all over the world, good news—he’s back with an excellent new series called “InFrame,” which takes a similar tack except that the second episode features a familiar face here on Eye on Design: Paul Pateman, a.k.a. Pâté.

If you’re like us, you’re already big fans of his cheeky, cheery, and pared-down illustrative style that he uses for everything from naughty alphabets and saucy letterforms to medical center posters. But even though we’ve been following his work for some time, we didn’t know much about the man behind Pâté, and the come-to-Jesus moment that inspired what’s essentially his second career (and hopefully the one he sticks with from here on out).

As we learn in Berkhout’s latest film, before Pateman decided to spend his days drawing, he was a sad ad man—well, he wasn’t sad at first, but years of working as a creative director on soulless projects caught up with him. Finally, after sneakily working at his office on a creative project for a big client paid off, he went solo. But he tells it is so much better:

As for upcoming episodes of “InFrame,” Berkhout says we can expect to meet a range of folks—artists, designers, filmmakers, and the like. And he’ll keep making ’em as long as you keep watching. So, y’know, keep watching.