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Designer: Moshik Nadav
Foundry: Moshik Nadav Typography

Back story: With a nod to the high contrast sharp strokes of Didot, the ultimate fashionista typeface, Lingerie ups the ante by giving designers a choice of two weights, each with six different styles, and then delivers a stunning finish with three different styles of end swash for each—Camisole, Kimono, and Picot—for a total of over 700,000 glyph possibilities. Seven. Hundred. Thousand. The typeface was in development for more than two years.

Why’s it called Lingerie? This typeface is sexy as all get out. As elegant as the lines of a Dior gown, as playful as anything that Karl Lagerfeld could dream up, Lingerie drapes itself over the page like lacy undies scattered across satin sheets.

What are its distinguishing characteristics? Along with the aforementioned glyphs and swashes that provide almost limitless design possibilities, the typeface’s Exit style combines razor-sharp angled cuts that contrast gorgeously with its lush, voluptuous curves. The Wild style clips the heavier parts of the strokes for a seductive peek-a-boo effect, while Diamond insets tiny gem-like circles onto the letterforms. In the fourth style, White, part of each letter has vanished, adding an air of mystery and allure.

What should you use it for? Lingerie is ideal for any display scenario that wants a luxury feel: think editorial fashion layouts, high-end catalogs, and beauty packaging. Always dressed for the occasion, its extravagance can be dialed way up or down to suit the occasion. You wouldn’t wear black tie to a business lunch, would you?

Who’s it friends with? Typefaces with similar characteristics (that skip the exuberant flourishes), include Didot, Monotype Engravers, and Matthew Carter’s Big Caslon.