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The Eye on Design Guide to Hip Typographic Crew Socks

Some wear their heart on their sleeve, we say wear it on your socks

Every occasion—indeed, every day—demands a fresh pair of socks. Here, we present a drawer-full of uber designer-worthy socks to help you put your best feet forward. Whether you’re leading a presentation, working from your couch, out on a date, or baring all in Birkenstocks, a little excitement below the calf never hurts.

The Fuck You, Pay Me Socks

by The Designer Foundry

Some wear their heart on their sleeve, we say wear it on your socks. Next time you’ve got a meeting with that client who has failed over and over to pay on time, we suggest rolling this swish swag over your ankles. While they might not glean the white stitching beneath your feet, these Open Type custom socks from The Designers Foundry will become your loyal, passive-aggressive, good luck charm for all client-relations.

TDF created these socks as part of a souvenir pack to promote Jan Weidemüller’s 2017 typeface Koor, which also comes with an A2 poster specimen.

The Philosopher’s Socks

by Boot Boyz Biz

Authorship, and the examination of designer-as-author, has been a popular topic of discourse in graphic design circles for decades. For those that see their craft as an act of pure facilitation, not authorship, we recommend these Roland Barthes-inspired The Death of the Author socks from Boot Boyz Biz. After all, what better place to display a weakness for theoretical debate than on your Achilles heel?

Tekno Acid Beat socks from Boot Boyz Biz.


If Barthes isn’t your style, Boot Boyz Biz (a primarily T-shirt business inspired by bootleg design) also offers a pair of Tekno Acid Beat socks designed in homage to Psychic TV during the early days of the band’s acid techno phase.

The IKEA Socks

By The Hole in My Sock

Nothing says brand loyalty like brand literality. Slip these beauts from The Hole in My Sock over your toes and not only will you practically smell of Swedish meatballs and mash, but every task you set out to complete will take three times longer than you initially anticipated.

If the knock-off pair won’t do, you can get the real deal for $50 from an IKEA employee selling one rare, unused pair swiped from a batch of 50 IKEA socks given out during a staffer event. Bargain.

The Date Night Socks

by 032c

Sometimes we forget to take our socks off when we climb into bed. It’s a natural mistake. But if a date’s gone well and you’re back in the bedroom together, forgetting to remove that final garment is a game-changer (and not the good kind).

Thankfully, Germany’s 032c fashion and art magazine has designed a pair of classic white crew socks with a useful reminder to “REMOVE BEFORE SEX” stitched along the sole. As well as this practical detailing, the brand assures us that “the 032c logo looks just as good on your feet as they do crumpled on the floor.” Take care to remember to wear these 100% cotton slips as you would any other form of protection.

The Official Socks

By documenta14

Last year,  visitors to Germany’s quinquennial documenta art festival in Kassel were bemused by the selection of merch available, which alongside the expected piles of totes and caps included official socks (nothing starts a conversation about capitalism like socks, quipped one artnet writer). This year in Germany, the annual Berlin Biennale has gone a step further, opting for the purely utilitarian when it comes to its merchandising: nothing except emblazoned hand-fans, sweat-proof socks, and the show’s catalog are available at the ticket booth. It seems that totes and tees have been side-lined: when it comes to branded goods, 2018 marks the continued rise of the classic white crew sock. 

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