Atom, by Thirst

Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we’re off on a big old transatlantic brewery tour. Buckle up!

Tofino Brewing Co., by Janine Prevost

What is it that I love about Janine Prevost’s branding for Tofino Brewing Co.? Mostly just the simplicity. The Canadian brewery is situated on a tiny stretch of coastline on the far west of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, known for its thumping winter swells, so it’s only right that their logo should include an intimidating-looking barrel. A huge favorite with local surfers, and an enterprise that aims to operate sustainably within its neighborhood, the brewery also makes really, really good beer, in particular a stout made with kelp which is the tastiest thing ever to have passed my lips. Has the beer itself made me sweeter on the design work? Impossible to say.

Atom, by Thirst

“Atom Brewing aims to blend scientific principles, brewing knowledge, and raw enthusiasm to create beers that are full of big flavors, use world-class ingredients and display their own unique style,” says Glasgow agency Thirst. “The brand is built around science, the unique shape of each of the labels is based on the physical forms of molecules present in beer.” So if science and futuristic branding are what you’re looking for in an after-work beverage—our very own Perrin Drumm has a penchant for future foods—then this may just be the brewery for you.

Butcombe Brewing Co., by Halo

Traditionally Butcombe has produced beers exclusively enjoyed by old men in wood-clad pubs in the most remote corners of rural England. Which is no bad thing—that’s a demographic that drinks a lot of beer after all. But, sensing that the resurgence in British craft beer showed no signs of slowing, the brewery decided it might be time to go about courting some new customers, produce some new beers, and with that a little rebrand was proposed.

The new look was masterminded by Bristol-based agency Halo and offers a much more modern take on Butcombe’s semicircular logotype. That an an abundance of new designs, plus a little T-Rex illustration designed to poke fun at Butcombe’s reputation as a dinosaur brand. Lol.

Villages Brewery, by Villages Brewery

Not only did south London-based brewery Villages single-handedly design and build their entire brew-house under a railway arch in Deptford, the brothers (yeah, they’re brothers too) also designed all of their branding and beer labels. And we’re not just talking some crappy, amateur-hour bit of Photoshop here either—each label is a unique lino cut or mono print lovingly hand-made before being wrapped around their cans. Respect!

Now does anyone have an Advil?