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Weird Wines, Soothing CBD Cider + a Classic Brew Gets a Design Upgrade

You might be all alcohol’d out by now, but that’s not going to stop us from presenting you with some truly excellent drinks-related branding this month. The December edition of Happy Hour is here, and we’ve got a handful of designs that we think will inspire even the most partied-out amongst us to grab the bottle opener. Read on for the best in booze branding this month.

Caparo: Amstel Kargo

You know Amstel as a perfectly fine lager that sits amongst the other perfectly fine lagers at the bodega. Its typical label is distinctly beer-like: white and red with crest that shouts, “Why yes, I am a beer.” That’s not the case for the brewery’s new beer, Kargo, a hazy IPA created with Greek beer makers, Athenian Brewery. Caparo designed the label as an homage to the IPA’s origin story, which states that the beer was first brewed in the holds of ships traveling to the British colonies in India. The new label is busy with color and rife with seafaring imagery. “The illustrations were drawn as a fluid composition of symbols: from the ingredients to classical themes and symbols of pirate stories,” the brewery writes.

Mirth Provisions: Otto’s CBD Cider

You’ve gone through all the wine and whiskey, and you’ve still got two days left with the family. Let us help you. This CBD cider from Mirth Provisions doesn’t have alcohol, but it does have a healthy dose of CBD, which supposedly calms anxiety and makes family time more pleasant. The label is a little bit of a throwback, with the main wordmark rendered in a gilded display font. The rest of the label goes all-in on modern with a clean white background and sans serif type plastered over a classic brown bottle.

Club: Fossil & Fawn wine

The natural wine craze has given the world some funky and fun wines—it’s also done the same for label design. This Gewürztraminer from Oregon’s Fossil & Fawn Wines is a great example of just how unorthodox labels can get. Los Angeles’ Club designed this one, which features a juicy illustration of an orange with a straw stuck into it, set against a blue and green background. It’s perfectly unusual—a little bit descriptive, and a lot bit weird, and it makes us want to buy the bottle right away.

PNFLV: Chateau Tamagne Select

So maybe it’s a little gimmicky, but this bottle from Russian wine maker Chateau Tamagne is also pretty clever. Russian studio PNFLV designed each thick paper label with a square cut-out, which gives people a peek at the goods inside. The goal is to make the label fade into the background, while bringing the bottle (and wine) to the forefront. Never mind that the label only covers a fraction of the bottle and the rest is visible without a cut-out. Like we said, sometimes you need a good gimmick to drive home a concept.

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