Name: Marshmallow
Designer: Neil Summerour
Foundry: Positype
Release Date: February 2017

Back story: Love, lust, and hedonism went into the development of Marshmallow. It all began in 2014 when designer Neil Summerour started working on a typeface called Hedonist, exploring mass and contrast with the goal of developing what he calls an “overly indulgent” script. Hedonist’s letterforms led to Love Script, and also influenced a version of Summerour’s popular Lust family, which became the ultra-high contrast Lust Hedonist.

“The extra time and perspective I spent allowed for a more complex investigation of how to keep heavy mass moving fluidly at high contrast,” he says.

“I hit the mark I wanted: to deliver a typeface that would make people gasp when they saw the almost painful amount of contrast.”

Why’s it called Marshmallow? One look at its bouncy, pillowy letterforms should answer that. “I laughed out loud when I settled on Marshmallow for the name,” says Summerour. “The Script style holds the standard for the connected font, and Fluff for the unconnected. Naming it just fell into place and inspired me to go back into each font and add even more details and additional characters to express the name and make it that much more fun and flexible for the designer.” 

What are its distinguishing characteristics? For starters, an inherent sense of exuberant decadence. Marshmallow’s letterforms, all flourish and contrast, balance tight apertures and sharp wire-thin connections with an ebb and flow of mass that resolves in a very pleasant, friendly way. Soft, malleable, and flowing, Marshmallow Script tops out at 820 characters, and both fonts feature a wide array of complementary swash and stylistic alternates, with varying options in the three additional stylistic sets, titling alternates, ligatures, and contextual ligature combinations. 

What should I use it for? “A typeface like this is meant to let the creative, be, well, creative with it and have fun,” Summerour says. “Marshmallow isn’t a good fit everywhere, but for the right projects, it should be used with indulgent abandon… which is pretty much what happens when we take a bite into a soft, gooey marshmallow anyway, right?”

Who’s it friends with? The designer likes it with his new cheerful yet no-nonsense sans serif Aago. Since Marshmallow shares some DNA with Lust and Lust Pro, these typefaces love each other like s’mores love a campfire.

And plus: Font sale! Marshmallow will available for half price until April 11, 2017 at MyFonts