Little Co, Fair State

Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, a roster of alcoholic creations making striking use of color.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative, by Little Co.

Minneapolis-based design and branding agency Little Co has worked with Minnesota’s Fair State Brewing Cooperative since 2014, when it opened as the city’s first co-operatively run brewery. The agency has since worked on everything from the brewery’s naming, branding, and taproom design to promotions and packaging design—“we won’t rest until there’s an infinity-pint tap handle in every bar and fresh Fair State 4-packs in every beer cooler,” it claims. The bold, Modernist feel of the bottles manages to be striking without being too shouty, and the unusual color palette hints at the brewery’s left-of-center business model. “As only the third brewery co-op in the country, we celebrated Fair State’s community focus with the iconic ‘infinity pint’—an infinity symbol that morphs into a beer glass—representing the unending connection between brewery and community,” says Little Co.

The newest designs it’s created are for Fair State’s summer beers, Roselle, a “tart hibiscus sour” apparently, and Pahlay’ahlay, a summer IPA.

Red Box Mendoza, by Juan Montivero

Argentinian designer Juan Montivero makes some bold claims in support of his striking work for Red Box Mendoza wine: one being that “red is the new black,” another being that “fashion can be bought, but style is owned.” His designs look to convey “personality” and “attitude,” and were created for the agency’s very own wine, a tradition that sees clients and friends rewarded each year with a boozy gift.

“At Red Box Mendoza every year we create our own wine label as present for our clients and friends, who have shared the experience and essence of our agency,” he explains. This year, the concept was to “redefine the actual forms of design and advertising” by “transforming the classic black in classic red.” The result is equally as assertive, taking the form of labels using undulating stripes in red, white, and black, photographed in moody darkness to up the edginess factor even further.

Colored wine bottle concept, by Ali Sahba

The Hamburg-based designer Ali Sahba has created wine bottle label designs that play off the idea that “fine wine is an experience for all the senses.” Each wine category—red, white, and rosé—bears a bottle that leaves drinkers in no doubt of its contents. According to the designer, “the bottles feature hues so intense that they bring tasting notes to mind—a delicate, flowery pink, a citrusy yellow, and a bold red.” Sahba created the mockups using Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign, and very good they look too.

Bonnie & Clyde Gin, by Pearly Yon

A dangerous, glamorous couple to end on, in the shape of Bonnie & Clyde Gin, produced by Deluxe Distillery in Belgium. The seductive artwork was created by South African illustrator Simone Hodgskiss, AKA Pearly Yon. The designs blend ye olde worldy classic type with bespoke typography and flourishes inspired by 1930s era tattoo-style linework. “The brief required a pair of labels that would be applied to a limited run of hand crafted gin,” the illustrator explains. “The sweeter tasting gin was to be called Bonnie and the stronger tasting gin was to be called Clyde.” We dig the salmon pink and pale teal combo, but remain slightly baffled by the photographic art direction ¯\_(ツ)_/¯