Tacit Knowledge: Post Studio/ Feminism, design by Studio Pandan

Plus, a new issue of Danish Art magazine AF Art designed by Studio Jetzt-immer, the Printing Plant Art Book Fair comes back to Amsterdam, and our dream lineup at the Post Design Festival in Copenhagen next week. For more along these lines (and so many others) you can follow along all day, every day on Instagram @AIGAeyeondesignFacebook, and Twitter @AIGAeyeondesign.

AF•ART, issue #9

We first clued in to Danish contemporary art magazine AF Art in April, when it released a cover for its eighth issue that explored the idea of movement in print. Every cover printed was slightly differently—each included one frame of an animation, so that (in theory) all of the magazines together would create a moving image. In practice, you could only see the effect online, where the warped typography merged and separated like oil in water. We were struck with how the concept played with ideas of movement in print and the evolution of a publication from the physical to the digital realm.

This was the work of Studio Jetzt-immer, and it put it us eagerly on the lookout for the next issue for its art direction and design. AF Art #9 is now here, with a focus on “climate crisis, data scandals, and international confrontations.” Featuring an embossed cover, typographic title page layouts, and beautiful use of photography, this issue is a quieter take on crisis, though still striking. The studio says it took inspiration from the alarming nature of breaking news and a sense of toxicity, as well as the meeting of opposing forces like human and nature; development and deterioration; and technology and organisms. No undulating type this time—unless you count the magazine launch party poster

Printing Plant Art Book Fair 

“Publishing has assumed an increasingly central position within artistic practices, yet it has become increasingly difficult to produce, distribute, and present art books in recent years—often due to a lack of funding,” as art center Looiersgracht 60 puts it. And that’s coming from Amsterdam, where printing culture is alive and well—and well-appreciated. Still feeling like there were few places for artists and publishing houses to present the progressive publications, Looiersgracht is putting on Printing Plant Art Book Fair for the second year. The book fair will run during Amsterdam Art week, from November 22-24, and present rarely seen artist books, catalogs, books, and zines. And this year, thanks for Atheneaum Boekhandel (an Amsterdam book/magazine store staple and EoD fav), they’ll even have a magazine corner, showing the best of today’s mags. So heads up if you’re in the Amsterdam area—sounds like lots of fun.

@Teaching.Design by Anja Neidhardt and Lisa Baumgarten

The Instagram account @Teaching.Design has just popped up, and it’s experimenting with design education and resource-sharing in a new format. Created by two educators, Depatriarchise Design’s Anja Neidhardt and designer and researcher Lisa Baumgarten, Teaching Design seeks to connect with other educators who are teaching design from a decolonial and intersectional feminist perspective. The posts include images of reference materials—books, magazines, articles—as well as a brief description in the caption, and the account also put out an open call in Stories asking others to submit material for posts (which are vetted by Baumgarten and Neidhardt). Eventually, the pair plans to use the collectively gathered sources for real-life events and exhibitions, “bringing together design educators to exchange, reflect and learn.”

“We chose Instagram as a platform since it is used worldwide and can be accessed easily by many—rather than a local exhibition or event,” they say. “It is visually driven, but also allows for short texts and commenting, which gives the opportunity for dialog between different people and perspectives.”

Tacit Knowledge: Post studio/Feminism, design by Studio Pandan

A new book from Spector Books examines the first two decades of California Institute of the Arts after its L.A. campus opened in 1971. Tacit Knowledge: Post Studio/Feminism is essentially two books in one, with one half looking closely at John Baldessari’s famous Post-Studio Art class and the other at Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro’s legendary Feminist Art Program (the progenitor of the the famed Second Wave feminist Woman’s Building). Studio Pandan designed the publication, which was created by the students of two master’s classes at the Freie Universität Berlin, giving each half its own cover (you have to flip it to read the other side), paper stock, and color palette.

The two halves are joined in the middle by a fold-out data visualization by Kim Albrecht and Jeffrey Schnapp that maps out the institution by the individuals associated with it. On one side, each person’s gender, role within the university, and profession is listed according to birthdates. On the other side, an alternate timeline maps out those same individuals by length of involvement, connecting them to their mentors and influences. The whole book is a must-see for anyone interested in the radical pedagogy of CalArts and the artists associated with it.

Post Design Festival  

Post Design Festival is having its third year in Copenhagen at the end of October (the festival ran in 2016 and 2017, with smaller satellite events last year), and the lineup is looking very, very good. Anja Kaiser, The Rodina, Amy Suo Wu, Dinamo, Anna Haifisch, Are.na, Low Tech Magazine, and Fraser Muggeridge will all be there, giving a series of talks over the course of four days—from Wednesday, October 23-  Saturday 26. The non-profit design festival looks at the ethics and politics of design, and this year’s panel and workshop topics include the future of encrypted messaging, breaking from the Eurocentric design history taught in school, and the sustainability of digital tools. We’re also into this year’s branding, created in-house by the Post Design Festival’s organizing team, using the display type Orelo Semi Wide by Pizza Typefaces and Bourrasque by Bureau Brut for the body text.