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This week I…

…read Debbie Millman’s “do-over” Design Matters interview with Frank Chimero, a fantastic companion piece to his recent earth-shattering discovery: the ultimate, end-all-be-all, trump-card caption that works for every single New Yorker cartoon (above).

…congratulate the serif on its starring role in one of the biggest things to happen to tech design this year: Samsung’s attractive and radical new Serif TV. It’s the result of a “seemingly odd collaboration between Studio Bourollec, [which] has never designed a piece of technology before, and Samsung [which] is rarely concerned with doing something totally new. But it’s impossible to argue with the design: it feels like the HDTV that the Eameses or Gropiuses would have chosen to put in their homes.” And me.

…fail to find Hillmojis, the latest stunt from Hillary Clinton’s campaign team to appeal to young voters, as hill-arious as they were probably hoping a full keyboard of Hillary emojis might be. They completely dominate text messages without adding things like, joy, personality, or humor to the conversation, which reminds me of someone…

…add Lucia Berlin’s short story collection A Manual for Cleaning Women to the top of my reading list after being completely won over by Justine Anweiler’s ingenious cover (as if Lydia Davis’ stamp of approval wasn’t enough), which she designed in response to the way Picador editor Kate Harvey described the writing: as “dispatches from an underworld of launderettes and lovers and too much alcohol, but told with such warmth and lightness.” You can read more details about Anweiler’s design process on Picador’s blog.

…learn why London Pentagram partner Domenic Lippa has designed the London Design Festival identity for seven years running, even though the budget is small and it can be a challenge to create something new each year that “punches through the clutter.”

…can only assume that Mother New York’s recent hire means ad and design organizations will finally get that summer rugby league I’ve been dreaming of. Before new CEO Peter Ravailhe managed clients like Gatorade and Netflix at TBWA Los Angeles he played pro rugby in France and the UK. Pete, I’m in, just don’t make me a scrum-half, okay?

…count down the days till the AIGA Design Conference in New Orleans. In case you haven’t checked out the programming yet, you really should—I’m not just saying that ’cuz I work here. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what conference chair Stefan G. Bucher has to say.

…put some fresh batteries in my Walkman because IT’S FRIDAY, Y’ALL and this amazing video mashup of 100 famous dance scenes now exists:

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