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This week I…

…am starting to realize that pretty much every illustrator and designer out there has been inspired by reading comic books as a kid. It seems to come up in every interview, right? Case in point, graphic designer and illustrator Ben Newman, whose work style and ethos is captured by Cardiff doc filmmaker Mike Chaney in this lovely short well worth the eight-minute run time:

…am not ashamed to admit I watched the SNL 40th anniversary show via the New York Times’ new virtual reality device just to scope the celeb-studded audience (hello, man-bun Leo). And okay, yeah I’m also enjoying how it literally adds a whole new dimension to legit news stories.

…preorder my copy of American Chordata issue two, easily the best (and best looking) new literary mag on the stand.

American Chordata issue no. 2
American Chordata issue no. 2

…actually get on board the latest internet hype train around the 3-in-1 video Lernert & Sander directed for Amsterdam group De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. It scratches my nagging ’90s R&B itch and has made me obsessed with how seamlessly the words “sexy” and “lord have mercy” can be integrated into Dutch lyrics.

…puzzle over how the new “bland” and “sexist” UK passport design is supposed to “celebrate 500 years of British creativity,” and I’m clearly not the only one.

…would have “idea sex” with The New Yorker cartoonists any day, though 500 times a week is definitely my limit, Bob Mankoff.

…prepare myself for going broke, because there’s no way I’m not buying all these cozy, stripey-chic blankets from Hem’s latest collaboration with fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. Couch, get ready. I’m coming for ya.