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This week I…

…am hardly surprised that one of the most interesting new typefaces comes from Sub Rosa’s graphic designer Michelle Ando and graphic and type designer Ryan Bugden. For La Petite Mort, the design and strategy studio’s in-house publication, Ando and Bugden explore how memory fades over time with the typeface Memoire, which degrades in stages over the course of the issue.

…get to know the second-most hated type designer (Comic Sans, you’ll always be our number one), Papyrus’ Chris Costello, a perfectly nice guy who made the simple mistake of doodling on some parchment with his calligraphic pen while bored at work at 23 and then selling the resulting typeface for a mere $2,500. Who among us hasn’t done the same, dozens of times?

Costello’s original doodles for Papyrus
Costello’s original doodles for Papyrus

…find myself agreeing with Adam Leibsohn, founder of the gif megabase, Giphy, that gifs really are “the future of information.” Here’s why: “A visual is faster than reading, and we know and believe the way we transfer information in a social environment is increasingly based on visuals,” he says. “That perception that a gif is an ephemeral goofy thing will change.” Still no word on how he pronounces gif, but I bet he says it my way, a.k.a. the right way, with a soft g.

…love that museums are playing nice with one another via #MuseumInstaSwap, when 18 NYC museums swapped Instagram accounts for one day this week in order to expand their audience (not by literally swapping logins, just showing pics of another museum’s collection), but if I’ve learned anything from running @AIGAdesign it’s that posting content that veers outside your usual feed makes followers unfollow you in a flash. #WorththeRisk or #BigMistake? Probably the former in this case.

…vow not to use any food puns when talking about Design Observer’s upcoming one-day Taste conference about food and design—that’s everything from food as a design material (mushrooms are magical for multiple reasons) to the role designers are playing in shaping our food future. It’s fascinating stuff, read the conversation between Core77’s Allan Chochinov (former AIGA board member) and DO’s Jessica Helfand (2013 AIGA Medalist).

…download Animal Collective’s new app Painting With, which bids you paint with a total stranger in order to unlock the band’s latest single. Even though I created many terrible looking things with someone by the username of BOBROSS, who used his cat as a medium at one point, I still couldn’t figure out how to hear the damn song. Here are the shameful fruits of my labor:


…rush out like everyone else to see the Whitney’s Frank Stella retrospective before it closes this weekend, which was good, don’t get me wrong, but somehow still less exciting than two shows on at David Zwirner right now: Doug Wheeler’s immersive, glowing neon Encasements and the bold, geometric paintings in the Concrete Cuba group show of work by ‘50s Cuban artists.

…want everyone to get to know Rodrigo Corral and his studio a little bit better, as they’re designing the visual identity for AIGA’s Gala, the black tie event where we honor our annual Medalists (buy tickets). We’ll announce the winners next week, but in the meantime, scope out Corral’s hot, blingy, black-and-gold invites.