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This week I…

…take my weekly trip to the Lubalin Center’s Flat File, a new series that plucks a piece from their vast graphic design archives and takes a closer look at the designer and the process behind it. This week it’s all about Karl Gerstner and his amazing grid. (The site’s super scrollable reading interface doesn’t hurt, either.)

…wonder if maybe before graphic designers laid claim to the grid, land developers got there first? Apparently Thomas Jefferson was a fan.

from @the.jefferson.grid's Instagram feed
from @the.jefferson.grid’s Instagram feed

…can confidently say that Blokosha is the best children’s toy inspired by depressing post-war Eastern Bloc housing.


…grab a spoon and eat up the new trailer for the Graphic Means documentary that was successfully Kickstarted a year ago. Looks like the film will be as much a celebration of the way design happened before the computer age (good riddance, paste-ups) as it will hopefully be a way for design students and young designers working today to realize just how good they have it.

…remember Ray Tomlinson, the man who invented email and gave the @ symbol a new purpose in life. Thanks, Ray, for creating a method of communication that lets me send cold calls to the instant death of my voicemail.

 Ray Tomlinson, courtesy of The Guardian
Ray Tomlinson, courtesy of The Guardian

…congratulate the winners of the third annual Academy of Book Cover Designers (ABCD) Awards (see all the amazing selections on the Academy’s shortlist).

…order my copy of the second edition of A Smile in the Mind, an update on the 1996 go-to for any designer keen to bring a sense of humor to their practice. If you think you’re happy wallowing in your misery, It’s Nice That ran a nice excerpt from Seymour Chwast that might pique your interest.

…am equal parts intrigued and horrified by the idea of a tortilla pod. File this under too good to be true?

…cut through the clutter of the unnecessary and mostly uneducated opinions about logo designs and redesigns and the social media and editorial engines that both support and condemn them. With all the presidential campaign noise right now, angry tweets about logos is just too much. If you find earplugs that can block out this kind of racket, let me know. More opinions framed like this, please, and less like this.