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Illustrators and artists including Jean Jullien, Thomas Hedger, Alice Meteignier, and Sang Woo Kim are gracing the pages of Bad Intentions, a new book from Noble PeopleThe multidisciplinary arts platform’s first self-published venture aims to “reflect upon the importance of communication through art in times of social plight and division.” Whether or not they achieve this goal, either way there’s some lovely imagery.

Raf Simons and Peter Savile, new Calvin Klein logo

Calvin Klein’s Raf Simons has worked with Factory Records graphic design legend Peter Saville on its slick new logo. In keeping with traditional unspoken rules of high fashion branding, it’s a quiet and understated affair. The big difference is that CK’s instantly recognizable sans serif text is now in all caps, rather than the title case we’re used to. It’s made us feel all nostalgic for the underwear-band bearing baggy trousers of our youth, revealing a daring flash of pallid midriff and illegally pierced bellybutton. Youth really is wasted on the young. Where were we? Ah yes, branding. Typography.

Have you submitted your entry for 50 Books 50 Covers yet? If not, get on it—you’ve only got until February 24. If you’re not familiar with the compeition, it’s AIGA’s celebration of the finest book and book cover designs created in the last year from around the world. Previous winners have included Abbott Miller and his team at Pentagram, Fraser Muggeridge Studio, and TwoPoints. The full rules and entry requirements are here

Hockney with his redesign of The Sun masthead. Photograph: Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA

There’s been much chatter about David Hockney’s “redesign” of UK tabloid newspaper The Sun’s masthead. Most of it, as you’d expect, has been unfavorable: why would a gay artist work for a newspaper known for being less than kind to both the homosexual and the arts communities? The most balanced and considered view I’ve read about the whole thing was penned by Patrick Burgoyne on Creative Review, who ponders whether Hockney’s creation (released a week before the opening of his Tate Britain retrospective) could, in fact, bring new audiences to his show, and therefore to art in a more general sense.

Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association icons

Graphic icon systems like Otto Neurath’s Isotype looked to create a language through simplified images that was universal—no matter what language you spoke or where you grew up, you’d be able to get ‘em. But some systems today aren’t quite so easy, as Core77 points out with its explanation of Japanese washroom icons. Hopefully, confusion is over for good (though we’re perhaps not so sure): members of the Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association have agreed to standardize the designs, creating the new icons shown above. Get it? Er…

Hyperakt, The Long Search for a New Home

With refugee issues hitting crisis point, it’s more important now than ever that people understand the strife and trauma that so many people around the world are facing as they flee persecution and war. Social impact design agency Hyperakt has stepped in with a project for the Ad Council that aims to inform and inspire people to get to grips with exactly what’s going on. The dedicated microsite, Embrace Refugees, draws together the team’s extensive interviews with refugees, resettlement agencies, and officials at the State Department with  other secondary research. This is formed into easily comprehensible text split into chapters, with imagery and infographics featuring bright, eye-catching colors, and bold photography.

“The U.S. has long been a leader in helping people who are fleeing violence and persecution find a safe place for their families to live,” says Hyperakt. “For decades, citizens and policy makers have come together to make this happen. In fact, five of the nine agencies that help refugees find homes in the U.S. are from a variety of faiths. Americans from all religions and political leanings believe that helping refugees is the right thing to do.”

Mo’ Money Mo’ Progress Valentine’s Day

If a home cinema sign spelling out “snuggle muffin” or a box of chocs won’t cut it for your loved one this V-day, why not consider going philanthropic instead? The good people over at Mo’ Money Mo’ Progress make it mega easy to share the lurve, having created a list of “organizations doing critical work” divided into groups of different kinds of gift recipients, including Captain Planet, LGBTQ+ Best Friend, or Racial Justice Warrior. Buyers can even up the romance by choosing to present their very giving gift in a shiny gold envelope with a customized certificate to prove just how blummin’ lovely and thoughtful you are.