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This week I…

…can finally afford to outfit my entire home in Normann Copenhagen, now that the Danish furniture company is launching an unbelievable-looking line of stationery (so, bye-bye next month’s rent).

…search for the details illustrator Christoph Niemann hid in his augmented-reality cover for the latest New Yorker. Download the free app and hold your phone or tablet over the physical print magazine to get the full effect.

…readily admit that I don’t understand all the lingo in this critique of presidential candidates’ web fonts, but I love that this is how the political design conversation is being framed right now vs. an endless, pointless attack on candidates’ logos. Plus, who doesn’t love a good design nerd joke—yes, Bernie’s use of a “serif fallback for a sans-serif web font” is clearly his attempt to reach across the aisle.

…offer major handclaps to Instagram sensation @seblester, who just passed the 1 million follower mark with his stream addictive calligraphic videos.

…predict that TED’s new book on public speaking will be in everyone’s Amazon cart ASAP, because there really is more to the TED Talks magic than just walking back and forth and gesturing.


…add the second Toiletpaper monograph, the Platinum Collection, to my already epically-long wish list. I never tire of artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari’s send up of glossy lifestyle magazines. And who can resist a good toad-in-bun cover model pose? Classic.

Can’t wait to fall head first into the most exciting, frenetic, head-exploding week of design in NYC, now known as NYCxDesign. Last year the graphic design pickings were slim, but this year I’ll be checking out:

Happy design hunting this weekend, New York!

Alex Proba at Site Unseen's Collective booth
Alex Proba at Site Unseen’s Collective booth