Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves, but this week we realize we have long neglected the teetotalers among us. For those of you who don’t depend on the demon drink, we’ve assembled a refrigerator full of booze-free beverages to help you toast the end of the week.

Raw Clarity, by Philippe Bordonado
The first on our list is not only booze-free but exceptionally healthy, a cold-pressed, cleansing drink created to keep your guts in good shape. Raw Clarity’s packaging goes hard on the green colorway, but in a manner that feels both modern and sleek. “The idea was to have a design that felt timeless, urban and make the vibrant green color really visible,” says designer Philippe Bordonado. “The drinks are produced by hand and sold in Stockholm, Sweden where it now can be seen in the hands of modern and health-conscious people walking the streets”—a must for the Swedish blogger who set Raw Clarity up.

Kombucha Kat, by Stephen Banville


Kombucha Kat, by Stephen Banville
Another drink that’s kind to your innards and easy on the eye, is Kombucha Kat, an “organic, craft kombucha tea,” brewed in Oxfordshire in the UK. The identity was created by Irish designer Stephen Banville, who used a tessellating K on the bottle to signify the effervescent nature of the drink. Strangely Kombucha doesn’t have the same mass appeal in the UK as in the U.S., but with such simple, tasteful branding it won’t be long until the Brits catch on to the world’s most fashionable yeasty, bacteria-infested beverage.

Corelia, by Siegenthaler & Co
“Our intention was to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the tropics,” says Colombian agency Siegenthaler & Co of its designs for fruit-based soft drink Corelia.“We wanted to depict Corelia as a magical world, an exotic place filled with the mysteries of nature.” And we’d say they’ve been very successful.

“The foliage in each label signifies a new sensation and the contrast with the original fruit’s color is designed to highlight each of the drink’s flavors. At the center of the artwork is Corelia, an imaginary muse of this magical world.” Who wouldn’t want to dive into a tropical world presided over by a muse like Corelia? Beats a Bud.

The Sober Parrot, by ASHA
So where are you going to drink all of these non-alcoholic numbers? We’ve got an answer to that, too; The Sober Parrot in Chelthenham, UK. Although it’s not yet open to the general public, by summer The Sober Parrot will be the town’s first alcohol-free venue, serving as a welcoming space for people recovering from drink and drug addiction.

“We want to make sure that people can go out and have fun, socialize and be entertained in an environment that does not put alcohol as its focus,” says The Hub, and with that in mind The Sober Parrot is also a live music venue. Despite the name, the identity is anything but sober; a fun, stylish and engaging set of assets that invite everyone to enjoy the new venue. We only hope that they serve all of the drinks above.