Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we find ourselves ill-advisedly mixing our drinks, taking in some totally tropical liquor, some rather modern cider, and a nostalgic vino.

Orange liquor, by Yaroslav Shkriblyak

An unusual little number to wet your whistles here, in the form of some beautiful illustrations and unusual typography for a Ukrainian orange liquor brand. Designed by art director, graphic designer, and illustrator Yaroslav Shkriblyak, the look and feel moves citrusy booze well away from that tired image of the dusty bottle of Cointreau hiding at the back of a shelf until its annual Christmas outing, and veers it into alluringly tropical territory with a fresh colour palette and a charming image of a parrot.

Werklig, Galipette cider

Galipette Brut, by Werklig

It was only a matter of time before cider, often the preserve of country bumpkins, festival goers, and old, slightly aromatic men with carbuncles, began to get the same slick design treatment as the craft beer “movement.” Take Galipette Brut, for example, which describes itself as being “prepared with pride according to French tradition… naturally free from gluten, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.” The packaging design by Finnish agency Werklig reflects the modern, rather no-nonsense approach with minimal labelling and a slick mix of serif and sans serif type.

Kingdom & Sparrow, Cimagoccia

CimaGoccia, by Kingdom & Sparrow 

A rather more traditional number here, in the form UK agency Kingdom & Sparrow’s designs for CimaGoccia wine. Inspired by the Chianti bottles of the 1970s, the packaging aims to “capture that nostalgia but move away from the kitsch associations and create something that made an elegant statement,” according to the agency. “The bottle itself uses the classic straw-wrapped decoration, so once it’s drunk it’s the perfect vessel for a dinner party candle…”

Itamar Gur, Krupnik

Krupnik, by Itamar Gur 

Finally, we’re moving on to the hard stuff: here’s some no-BS, distinctly hand-crafted aesthetics by Isreali designer Itamar Gur for Jullius Distillery’s Krupnik. This rather terrifyingly named elixir is a variant of “Eaux De Viex”—fruit brandy formed from products in the nearby regions in the Western Galilee. The pared-back labelling uses hand-written script to denote the liquor’s vital statistics, reflecting the limited-edition nature of its production. The word mark has a similarly crafty feel, using partially faded block type that looks like it’s been stamped on.

Chin chin!