Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass with the packaging design experts at The Dieline and celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit the shelves. Since they’re busy anticipating the future of packaging design at The Dieline Summit in Paris this week, it looks like we’re drinking alone. They were kind of enough, however, to send over a recommendation, and if it’s any indication of their current spirits, things are looking every bit as French and avant garde as we would hope.

For Beaujolais Nouveau Day, an event held in France every third Thursday in November to celebrate the uncorking of the first wine of the season (and also just to drink a lot of wine), advertising agency McCann Vilnius created a Beaujolais wine spray called “Bouche bée,” which is French for “mouth wide open.” It might be the world’s first literal wine spritzer, but McCann Vilnius advises using it to enjoy the “distinctive smell [of Beaujolais], which reminds you of freshly picked flowers.”

The agency apparently does something splashy for Beaujolais Nouveau Day every year, and compared to previous projects that include wine in a paint can and in a blood bag, this spray is downright refined.