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Instagrammable Wine, Luxe Bitters + Two Very Different Takes on Beer

Welcome to Happy Hour, our favorite time of the month where we dive deep into drink packaging. Read on to see the best in booze branding, including a social media-inspired wine label and one very cute beer can.

Ingrid Picanyol Studio: Viamic Wines

In a very meta approach to Instagrammable wine labels, Ingrid Picanyol Studio crafted a colorful series of designs for Viamic, a new wine brand out of Spain, that are meant to look like blurred-out Instagram photos. Picanyol explains that Viamic translates to “wine friend,” a name that the designer took to heart. The labels are meant to look like blurred out versions of friends’ Instagram posts, “similar to the loading experience when we don’t have a strong internet network,” she says. The result is warm, ethereal, and yes, perfectly Instagrammable.

Ellen Wilde: Hopewell Brewing Lil Buddy

Well, isn’t this the cutest beer you’ve ever seen? Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the tiny can, maybe it’s the bold colors and funky reverse-stress font—regardless, this label design from Ellen Wilde for Hopewell Brewing has got us feeling like we need to stock our fridge with these adorable cans of lager. The design team created a cheerful label with serif type that feels like a throwback to the 1970s. The whole package evokes the lost concept of playtime—only, you know, for adults.

Neumeister: Mariestads Beer

Equal parts classic and modern, this line of special edition, large-format beers from Swedish brewery Mariestad is meant to recall the glamour of old-school travel. Stockholm studio Neumeister designed the labels, which feature saturated colors and detailed illustrations of planes, trains, and steamboats of yore. The bottles come with a matching wax cap, which only adds to the brand’s “I’ll meet you in the first class dining car” vibe.

Stranger & Stranger: Bitter & Twisted Bitters

These new bottles of cocktail bitters from Stranger & Stranger leave no room for subtlety. The package design company went elaborate and experimental for its custom-made two-pack, with intricate animal illustrations, detailed typography, and lush gold foil. We love unexpected use of pink and yellow alongside the gold, which gives the bottles a luxe look.

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