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Modern Syrup, Placid Rum + Two Very Cool Beer Designs

A visual feast

Welcome back to the happiest of hours, where we peruse the best in booze branding. This month we’ve got quite an assortment for your ogling pleasure, including not-so-sweet syrups, tranquil rum, and a couple of very fun beer designs.

Sweet Sneak Studio: Syrup Co. syrup

Syrup might be alcohol-free, but it’s a necessary ingredient to have on your bar cart. Unfortunately, not all syrups deserve to have a front row seat. These new, modern bottles for Syrup Co. are a major step up design-wise from your typical Torani fare. Designed by Copenhagen’s Sweet Sneak Studio, the bottles feature bright labels with contrasting colors and a stylish sans-serif typeface. With the opportunity to go extra sweet, the labels are decidedly and refreshingly un-twee.

Lewis Moberly: Tidal Rum

Rum, the drink of the daytime, is now channeling night with a moon-inspired new bottle from Tidal Rum. The distillery tapped the designers at Lewis Moberly to craft a straightforward bottle design that channels its sea-inspired theme. Design director Mary Lewis created a moody label with straightforward sans-serif type and two moons set against the warm orange of the rum like an eclipse.

Kasper Ledet: To Øl Mr. Series

Like a game of Clue, each of the beers in Danish brewery To Øl‘s Mr. Series line has a colorful name. Mr. Pink is brewed with pomegranate; Mr. Brown is brewed with coffee; Mr. Orange is brewed with persimmon—and you get the point. To Øl’s in-house art director, Kasper Ledet, designed each can or bottle with a CMYK code printed in a large sans-serif. A ring of color around the top gives another visual hint of the flavor. The result is a simple but clever design that turns the can into a fun little game.

Typeline: Rude Brew

Craft breweries might be experiencing an artistic renaissance, but at the end of the day, many cans still look pretty similar. Sardinian brewery Rude Brew commissioned Fabrizio Torchia at Typeline to create an energetic label that feels slightly schizophrenic—but in a good way. Typeline designed the can around a circular motif—orange, purple, and yellow ovals and circle intersect, making the can look like the type of brew you could find in outer space. According to Torchia, the design is supposed to be “rude, fresh, and young.” We see it.

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