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No. 191: National Geographic’s New Look, the Best Design in Fintech, 10 Magazine Covers by Design Legends + More

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Design Diary, a collection of five projects from across the world that have impressed us this week. 

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Hato, Start with the Mark campaign for D&AD

Not too long ago, we brought you an announcement from design agency Hato that marked the beginning of a participatory ad campaign for the D&AD festival in London. Called Start with a Mark, the campaign came with its own online tool for creating digital doodles and a call to submit said digital doodles for possible inclusion in the ads for the festival. Since then, Hato’s received more than 1,300 user-generated, abstract marks made on the site. D&AD started on Tuesday, and the final campaign imagery can be seen installed inside festival spaces, plastered on billboards across the city, and right here, just below.

Godfrey Dadich, National Geographic redesign

Don’t worry, it’s still its tell-tale canary yellow. But National Geographic has changed a good bit about it’s visual identity with a fresh redesign from Godfrey Dadich. For starters, the typeface has changed to Earle, a custom type named in honor of legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle. New sections include a short photo essay in the front of every issue and a spot called Explore, featuring pieces that look back at a single, influential photograph, or tell a story through maps. Overall, there’s an even greater emphasis on visual storytelling throughout. The May issue, on stands now, is the first to reflect the changes.


Kurppa Hosk, Tink redesign

Stockholm and NYC-based design firm Kurppa Hosk has managed to draw our attention to fintech, no small feat. Its new identity for Tink, a Swedish company specializing in financial management, looks a lot like what we’ve become accustomed to with hip start-ups. An abstract logo that doubles down as a dissected letterform in some treatments sets it apart from the Instagram-savvy marketing crowd. And the fact that it has a sleek, millennial-minded identity at all sets it apart from the rest of the fintech landscape.

Volkskrant Magazine covers

Volkskrant Magazine, from Amsterdam’s daily morning newspaper, published 10 different covers for an issue a couple of weeks ago, all designed by legends of the editorial design world. Cover artists include such big names as David Carson, Richard Turley, George Lois, Anthony Burrill, Ewoudt Boonstra, Paul Faassen, Rodrigo Sanchez, Erik Kessels, Mirko Borsche, Wim Crouwel, Jaap Biemans and—one lone woman—Anna Kiosse. We would have liked to see more of the latter, but overall some stellar work.

Draft and Draw ft. Ricardo Gonzalez

Draft and Draw, the monthly NYC-based meeting for “drinkers with a drawing problem” has paired up this month with with the agency HUGE, Sixpoint Brewery, and The Half & Half. Together, they are hosting designer and artist Ricardo Gonzalez, who will give a short talk about his work and process. After that, everyone puts pencil to table and gets drawing. 

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