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No. 236: A Womxn-only Design Diary Special, Featuring 3 of Our Fav Feminist Mags, Dance for Refuge Posters + More

An International Women’s Day Special

Every day is International Women’s Day over here at Eye on Design, where our all-woman team is spread out over three countries. But as today is also International Women’s Day for the rest of the world, we decided to celebrate by publishing only stories about womxn in design in the week leading up to today. It wasn’t hard. In fact it was very easy. And to top it off, we’ve got our regularly scheduled Design Diary, full of design news and relevant projects this week, all of which happen to feature women.

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3 feminist magazines to watch: Sister, FEM, and Azeema

There’s truly no shortage of women-run, women-centric, and feminist independent magazines, and there are certainly more than three that we love to keep tabs on. For today, though, we’ve chosen to highlight a trio of feminist publications that have been doing consistently excellent work, have great design and art direction, and may not yet be on everyone’s radar. May we recommend for your reading pleasure Sister, FEM, Azeema. Why yes, they’re all in print.

Sister is a biannual publication that believes “all issues are women’s issues” and seeks to provide a space for those issues to be discussed and used to provoke change. It’s got an activist bent with a striking artistic direction, and it’s a go-to for finding under-the-radar women and projects you won’t read about elsewhere. Their latest issue is a dual-cover package themed “Survivor.”

Azeema is published annually by a team of six women, and covers women in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, as well as those countries’ diasporas. Its focus on community is one of the things that caught our attention, and we also love the women from those communities that they choose to spotlight—some of which you can read here, but go ahead and also order an issue or two.

FEM has been published by UCLA since 1973, and is one of the best feminist newsmagazine’s around. It’s the most straight-up news publication of the bunch, with a focus on human rights, gender diversity, and intersectional feminism in features, opinion articles, and news pieces. The print magazines are always exciting to track, and the often stripped down, DIY art and design is also what makes it a favorite for us.

Dance for Refuge limited-edition prints

In September 2015, a group of music promoters in London got together to put on a party to raise money for displaced people in need. Years later, the group, which goes by Dance for Refuge is still putting on parties to raise money for the charities they believe in. Tonight, that means raising money for Women for Refugee Women at the London venue Fold. They’ve also commissioned four artists to create limited-edition prints to sell, the proceeds of which will go to the same cause.

It’s lovely work. See the prints below, and DM the group on Twitter or Instagram to buy a print.

Call for Submissions: Workbook proposals for Co-Conspirator Press

We’ve written about Women’s Center for Creative Work before, the radically expansive, unequivocally badass feminist organization that recently published its Feminist Handbook, which makes transparent its internal processes. Now, with the launch of their new Co-Conspirator’s Press, the organization is asking for project proposals that deal with the idea of the humble workbook. “What is a workbook? What is the purpose of a workbook and how does one make use of it? How can a workbook further an intersectional feminist agenda?” The organization’s call for submissions gives the loose brief here. Proposals are due this March 29and the selected proposal will be announced by mid-April, 2019. As one of the founders of WCCW is a graphic designer herself, the group knows the power of graphic design to make invisible labor, processes, and procedures visible.



Everpress International Womxn campaign

Online platform and retailer Everpress has been working with more than 60 woman-identifying designers for a collection of T-shirts in honor of International Women’s Day. Its campaign, International Womxn, is meant to showcase “the next gen of women & non-binary talent killing it across global art and design.” Some of our favorites below, but be sure to see all the designs over on Everpress.


Whose.Agency? exhibition by Anja Kaiser

Designer, design researcher, and activist Anja Kaiser is presenting her installation Whose.Agency? at GfZK Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, starting today. For the project, Kaiser asked feminist groups to submit small ads for the work that they do, then created a series of moving posters that to represent their main issues and concerns. The resulting posters look fantastic, and the entire campaign will be on show in the window of GfZK through April 7.


Alexandra Bell and Meriem Bennani in the 2019 Whitney Biennial

And last but not lease, we’d like to give a special congratulations to artists Alexandra Bell and Meriem Bennani, both of whom we’ve featured in issues of our print magazine, on being included in the 2019 Whitney Biennial. Well done guys. 

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