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Four Non-alcoholic Beverages With Some Beautiful Branding

Call us unoriginal, but we’re in support of Dry January, the annual rite of passage for livers to take a brief, but much needed breather. But just because the month was booze free, doesn’t mean it was brand free. Quite the opposite, in fact. Below, check out some of the best non-booze branding that we’ve come across.

Caserne: Club Kombucha

For those who want the feel of a beer can in their hand, minus the actual beer, this design from Club Kombucha does the trick. Designed by Montreal studio Caserne, the cans are printed with the attention to detail of a cool craft brew, including waves of jewel-toned color and a glimmering word mark rendered in a woozy serif typeface. The resulting cans are simple but luxe—or exactly the kind of thing we’d like to show off in our refrigerator when people ask what we have to drink.

Derek & Eric: Humble Warrior Tonics

There’s something pleasantly straightforward about Derek & Eric’s rebrand of Humble Warrior, a tonic brand made from plants. The series of brown bottles come in three flavors that each get its own deep-hued label. A striking Abhayamudra icon—an open palm hand gesture signifying fearlessness, peace, and benevolence—is printed in black, creating an instantly distinctive logo that’s vaguely reminiscent of Saul Bass’ silhouetted posters.

Pearlfisher: Æcorn Aperitifs

Seedlip, the maker of delicious and beautifully branded nonalcoholic spirits, has a new no-ABV offering called Æcorn Aperitifs, and it’s just as beautifully designed. Branding agency Pearlfisher crafted an identity inspired by “17th century herbal remedies as well as lepidopterology (the study of moths and butterflies).” The three aperitif flavors—dry, bitter, and aromatic—each get an autumnal color palette with a lush illustration of a plant. A gold foil word mark adds a tasteful touch.

Thirst Craft: Electric Cloud CBD drink

With cotton candy colors and a gilded lip, Electric Cloud’s CBD drink is playful and totally pleasant. Thirst Craft designed the identity to feel uplifting and energizing. The dreamy colors are paired with a fluffy cloud logo, custom word mark, and a touch of gold to make it feel like you’re taking a happy pill in drink form.

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