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Happy Hour: Ornate Mezcal, Earthy Rum, “Free-spirited” Gin + a Vodka Made For James Bond

On a hot, end-of-summer Friday, there are few things better than sipping some clear liquids (and we’re not talking water). It’s extra nice when they’re as beautiful as these bottles of booze. This month’s happy hour is all about light liquor: rum, gin, vodka, and mezcal. Read on for the best in this month’s bottle branding.

Makers and Allies, Serafico Mezcal

Mezcal has a way of turning people into storytellers. A shot or two is all it takes to encourage a little yarn spinning. Design studio Makers and Allies designed the bottle for Serafico mezcal with storytelling and folklore in mind. The bottle’s ornate label is has a hand drawn word mark that’s anchored by a (frankly terrifying) double-tailed creature called the Spirit of Serafico. The bottle feels mystical, like it was pulled from an ancient cabinet and placed on your bar cart.

Noise 13, Sipsong Spirits Gin

Sipsong describes itself as free spirited” brand of spirits. Judging by its travel-inspired label, we’re guessing that’s probably true. The company’s first release, Indira Gin, is packed with India-inspired botanicals and has a vaguely flowery label to match. The designers at Noise 13 explain that the label’s rust orange color is inspired by the gin’s ingredients which include juniper, orange, pink peppercorn, kaffir lime, and coriander, among others. The pattern is a play on a print that hangs in the founder’s home. Meanwhile, the designers say the label’s round shape is reflective of the owner’s approach to business: She always surrounds herself by a wide circle of collaborators that she holds close and loves to support in return.” A lovely sentiment, but we’re just pleased the bottle looks cool.

Cast Iron Design, Whistling Hare Rum

Sometimes booze is served in a sophisticated glass; sometimes it’s served in a mug. Whistling Hare Distillery out of Colorado falls distinctly into the latter category. Named after the North American pika, a small rabbit-like mammal that emits a high whistle while scurrying across the mountain landscape, the line of booze looks as earthy as it sounds. Cast Iron Design created a label system that falls into the middle ground between modern and heritage branding with a no-nonsense sans serif typography arranged around a system of grids and icons. Each variety of booze—from rum to vodka to bourbon—gets its own color palette. But every bottle is adorned with the brand’s tree line logo—a literal nod to the pika’s habitat and a metaphorical nod to the distillery’s commitment to higher standards.”

Thirst Craft, Brochan Vodka

Imagine for a moment you’re in a casino, belly up to the craps table. You want a vodka. Neat. The waiter brings over a svelte bottle of Oat vodka… Wait, oat vodka? That’s the reaction design studio Thirst Craft is looking to dispel with its new work for Colonsay Beverages’ Brochan oat vodka. Colonsay tapped Thirst Craft to transform the booze into a premium brand, which the company did tenfold. The sleek bottle has a glitzy vibe with a dark pebble-inspired backdrop that allows the shimmering gold lettering to really shine.

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Happy Hour