You probably know Gary Hustwit as the man behind the design world’s most visible documentaries: Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized. Throughout the last decade, the director has used his films to show the world that design esoterica isn’t esoteric at all. In fact, it’s relatable and downright fascinating.

Lately, though, Hustwit has been exploring a new obsession through his work at Scenic VR, a company dedicated to virtual reality storytelling. At the Eye on Design Conference, Hustwit walked us through a handful of new projects—everything from a 360-degree video on Buckminster Fuller to an immersive VR experience made for (and by) incarcerated teens in Richmond, Virginia.

In every case, Hustwit approaches his work like a documentarian, who is less interested in building fantastical, and ultimately uninhabitable, worlds than he is in unraveling the curiosities of what already surrounds us. “Can I use VR to better document our current existence?” he asked. The answer to that is a resounding yes.