Jon Burgerman, Eye on Design Conference 2017. Photo by Frank Aymami.

Is that a giant hot dog sitting on the subway? Did that fire hydrant really just blink and say hello? No need to panic everyone: it’s just King doodler Jon Burgerman and his cohort of imaginary friends playing around on Instagram.

While his career might revolve around drawing on Puma sneakers or devising large murals for Apple, Burgerman’s urge for doodling is all-encompassing, trickling into every moment of his existence. The illustrator personifies trashcans, flowers, and even his breakfast using the latest smart phone features. Wielding only an iPhone as sketchpad, Burgerman has made a name for himself as a subway and street-side doodler.

At the Eye on Design conference, we found out that Burgerman will draw on just about anything beyond the screen too (I took my eye off my coffee cup for just a moment only to find it transformed into a grinning devil). His talk reminds us that creating space for play is vital for recharging the creative batteries—and that you can turn even the most mundane tools and everyday circumstances into the source of delight and giggles.