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Modern Beer Branding + Two Takes on Gin

Grab your bottle opener—it’s time for another round of happy hour. This month we’re looking specifically at beer and gin, and it’s a delicious mix of old-school charm and modern graphics. Read on for a closer look at this month’s best booze branding.

Luxardo Gin, Here Design

Few things feel as luxurious as cracking open a bottle of ornately designed booze. Under ordinary circumstances, the intentional mess of typefaces, textures, and handwritten scribbles would be enough to make any designer pull her hair out. But on an old-school bottle of gin? Classic perfection. Liquor brand Luxardo tapped Here Design to create labels for its London Dry Gin and the new Sour Cherry Gin, and they appropriately harken back to the company’s early 20th century roots. The labels center around Luxardo’s recognizable logo, but Here was able to get a little creative when it comes to color, type, and texture. The designers embossed type on what they describe as a “toothy” matt paper stock. The Sour Cherry uses a deep maroon color palette while the London Dry takes on a lighter blue; both have just the right amount of gold foil. While we do love a modern rebrand, there’s still something so satisfying about a liquor brand that pays homage to its past without feeling gimmicky.

Tibidabo Beer, Septimo

Beer is supposed to go in the fridge, but these new cans from Tibidabo Beer are so handsome we might just leave them out on display. Spanish studio Septimo designed the Barcelona brewery’s labels with a variety of colorful geometric patterns that take on a light metallic sheen. The studio also designed a simple wordmark and created a handful of graphics that correspond to each beer variety. Our favorite is the desert-hued pale ale, which we’ll gladly drink lukewarm so long as it means the cans get prominent placement on our at-home bars.

Underground Spirits, Denomination

Drinking alcohol is not a scientific endeavor. Making it, however, is another story. Founded by a doctor, Underground Spirits makes gin and vodka through an unusual distillery practice that uses sub-zero temperatures to create a smooth finish. The two-year-old Australian company recently tapped Denomination to revamp its brand identity, and the result is a label that’s tied to both process and provenance. The label shows an abstracted map of the city of Canberra in a snowflake shape, with muted colors referencing the Australian landscape. The label is printed in metallic ink and has a holographic tamper seal to give the bottle a “scientific feel,” as the company describes it.

Dobri Beer, Miltos Bottis

Dobri’s bottle packaging is refreshingly straightforward. The series of Greek IPAs includes beers with names like Gamma Rye, Fruit Cannon, and Grasshopper, and they come with illustrations to match. The labels center around illustrations from Angelina Panagiotopoulou that depict exactly what you’d expect—gamma ray, pineapple, and grasshopper—with wonderfully unexpected styling. Panagiotopoulou’s fluorescent illustrations contrast perfectly against designer Miltos Bottis’s simple black typography. Together, they create a compelling label that cuts through the noise on the beer shelf.

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