Patrick Fry, To Evelyn

Plus, The Designers Foundry creates charity poster typeface Shape, the Type Directors Club opens submissions for its competition for designers under 35, and Production Type celebrates its fifth birthday. For more along these lines (and so many others) you can follow along all day, every day on Instagram @AIGAeyeondesignFacebook, and Twitter @AIGAeyeondesign.

  1. Benjamin Pop, Calif branding

Hailing from Cluj-Napoca, a city in northwestern Romania, branding studio Benjamin Pop recently got in touch with its new work for Calif, which is, apparently, “the first Kebab Boutique in Romania.” The studio created new designs to complement the restaurant’s recent menu update, which aims to appeal to Gen-Z kebab-lovers. “We knew that Gen-Zers want to connect and belong to brands that reflect their diverse personality as individuals, so the new concept would need to fuel their social presence and become a reason to snap photos, videos, or Boomerangs,” says the studio. The new branding uses an approach inspired by a mixture of Pop Art and industrial styles, aiming to create a sense that kebab shops aren’t just for a post-sherbet pick-me-up, but a hip joint to hang at or just enjoy a quick lunch.

Pure+Applied, Ascenders 2019 branding

2. The Type Directors Club (TDC), The Ascenders Callout

The Type Directors Club (TDC) has put a call out for The Ascenders, a competition open to designers aged 35 and under. Multi-disciplinary design studio Pure+Applied has designed the branding and campaign for the competition, which invites designers to submit their portfolios and are judged on how far they are “expanding the medium of typography” by the Type Directors Club board of directors. The deadline is June 15, 2019. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at the Type Directors Club Annual Awards Ceremony at The Cooper Union in New York. Later in 2019, Type Directors Club will host an exhibition of the Ascenders 2019 work in New York and publish their work on the TDC website and in the next TDC annual, The World’s Best Typography.

3. Patrick Fry, To Evelyn, Posters from the Stars

Oh yeah, the ’90s are pretty trendy now: here’s looking at you, lovers of post-ironic MS Paint lookalikes, fanny packs, Buffalo shoes et al. But like any form of nostalgia that’s most readily co-opted by those too young to remember it the first time round, it’s easy to forget the less, well, *cool* side of things. Here to remind us of the crispy perms and greased back curtains that sat atop the heads of ’90s-folk is a superb new book from London-based graphic design studio Patrick Fry. Entitled To Evelyn, Posters from the Stars, the book draws together a collection of posters promoting local entertainers at a working men’s club in a small Yorkshire pit village.

“Originally collected in the 1990s by local personality Evelyn Short and now assembled by her grandson David, the posters are a celebration of a bygone era,” Fry explains. “Pre-internet and social media, this was one of the few ways to create another you, presenting an identity far removed from the day to day… The book explores national identity and sense of self, reminding us that with the right imagination we can transform into anyone or anything. The posters, many signed ‘To Evelyn’ celebrate those identities, the weekend superstars, in all their glory.” The images are absolutely brilliant; and if the likes of Pink Gin, resplendent in pleather against a shimmering purple backdrop, don’t make you smile, perhaps nothing will. The book is published by CentreCentre.

Production Type

4. Production Type, Signals

French digital type foundry Production Type is celebrating its fifth birthday with several publications and the monographic exhibition Signals. Built around three sections—Elements of Inspiration, Traces of the Process, and Objects of Production—the show aims to explore Production Type’s design approach, which involves “creating a typeface today” that both “leans on the traces of history and the demands of the contemporary.” The foundry collaborated with photographer Julien Lelièvre and typeface designer Emmanuel Besse, who are also showing their work in the exhibition. The exhibition runs from June 14 until July 4 at Le Floréal, 3 Rue des Couronnes, Paris.

5. Shape from The Designers Foundry

The Designers Foundry, which is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, just released a new typeface called Shape in collaboration with five other designers and studios from around the world: Anthony Burrill, Hey Studio, SP-GD, Studio Dumbar, and Wade Jeffree. “The project aims to raise funds for the victims and their families of the mass shooting that happened in our city, a few kilometres from my office,” The Designers Foundry explains. Each designer has created a poster using the new typeface, which will be given away to people who order the typeface. One hundred percent of the profits will then be given to the charity Our People, Our City Fund, supporting the victims of the attack. “It is New Zealand’s first terrorist attack, so is a huge wake up call and shock to our country and Australia (where the shooter was from). The government has changed gun laws already but still there are 51 families with a loved one who has died and many others injured, these are the people we hope to help,” the studio adds.