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Rustic Ales, Elegant Saki + Two Peanut-inspired Booze Brands

We’re getting into holiday drinking season—the time when bar carts and refrigerators call for extra handsome bottles. Fortunately, this month’s happy hour has a little something for everyone. Keep reading for another instalment of the best in booze branding.

Dee Duncan: Noon Whistle Brewing’s Mr. IPA-Nut

If you were to happen upon a can of Mr. IPA-Nut on the shelves of your local grocery store, it might take you a second to register its familiarity. The monocle. The Minions yellow hue. The smug smirk that says, I’ve got a delicious secret I want to tell you. And then it clicks. It’s Mr. Peanut… on a beer can.

Designer Dee Duncan created the can for a collaboration between nut behemoth Planters and craft brewery Noon Whistle. The Mr. IPA-NUT (get it?) is totally effective in its goal of bringing the two brands together. It’s also just delightfully weird. If these beers don’t end up in every baseball stadium come summer, we’ll be contacting the MLB.

O Street: Fyne Ales

Craft breweries are a dime a dozen, and so is their branding for the most part. Brewery Scotland’s Fyne Ales recently tapped creative agency O Street for a brand revamp that would tell the story of its family farmed brewed ales. It was ready to shed its supermarket safe” identity and embrace what sets the brewery apart from the rest of the beers on the shelves.

O Street’s team began its creative process by taking up temporary residence at the brewery’s farm to understand the barn charm of the brand. They ended up blending the F and A into a monogram drawn from planks of wood that are meant to evoke the farm’s fences. Combined with the labels’ saturated hues, the ales got a new brand that feels rustic, charming, and just the right amount of supermarket safe.

Swear Words: Toji Sake

There’s something refined about drinking sake. Maybe it’s the tiny cups that force you to drink in moderation. Or maybe it’s the subtle flavor. If this new bottle from Toji is any indication, it’s probably just the branding. Melbourne agency Swear Words crafted a new bottle for Toji Sake that’s designed to evoke the clarity and tradition of brewing sake. The twist-off bottle looks like something you’d find at Muji—off-white label, stark, straight lines, and thin, sans-serif type that adheres to a grid inspired by the 2:1 ratio of a tatami mat.

The Movetic: Skrewball whiskey

If we’re being honest, we cannot in good faith promote a whiskey that tastes like peanut butter, but we can get behind a good sheep logo. Skrewball whiskey is a new booze brand that grew out of a San Diego restaurant’s famed shot.

OB Noodle House enlisted the team at The Movetic to come up with a holistic brand that represented the quirkiness of its product. They landed on a sheep as a representation of all the oddball, black sheep out in the world who might also be into an oddball black sheep kind of whiskey. Despite its unconventional flavor, Skrewball’s label is, in fact, rather conventional.

The centerpiece of the white label is Skrewball’s logo—a faceless sheep head whose background is meant to evoke a dripping mixture of whiskey and peanut butter. Sound weird? It is a little bit. But then again, no one ever said a whiskey flavored peanut butter was normal.

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