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Three Funky Beer Designs + a Gorgeously Minimalist Booze Bottle

Who’s ready for a drink?

Welcome back to Happy Hour, everybody’s favorite time of the month where we show off the best in booze branding. This time, we’ve got a delicious assortment of labels including snazzy alcohol-free beer cans, minimalist Awamori, and gorgeously illustrated beer bottles. Read on to drink in this month’s picks.

Various illustrators: O’Doul’s beer

Beer can as an art form is ABV agnostic—just check out O’Doul’s new series of limited edition cans. Designed for “sober-curious” millennials, the alcohol-free beer swapped out its trademark green can for a series of brightly colored labels designed by artists from around the United States. The company tapped Los Angeles illustrator John Lee to craft a moody bar scene that wraps around the can. Chicago illustrator Brandon Breaux crafted a bright and geometric design. Meanwhile, NYC’s Mr Kiji designed a playful, gradient-filled can that looks nothing like what you’d expect from an old-school, no-alcohol beer company.

Martorelli Lab: Above Brand beer

We love a geometric beer design, and Above Brand beer hits all the marks with its shapely black and white pattern. The brew’s creator, designer Francesca Martorelli of Martorelli Labs, also crafted its branding, which gave her full creative control of the design. The label features arched semi-circles that stack on top of each other, creating an eye-like motif. The entire bottle is black and white save for a pop of yellow in the form of sans-serif text that displays the beer’s name.

Fukuda Design: Chiyoizumi Awamori

This bottle of Awamori from Japan’s Chiyoizumi Brewery is like a cold shower in the form of a bottle. Designed by Fukuda Design, the branding is all about selective minimalism. The designers chose a clear corked bottle as a canvas for one line of clean, white type that tells the edition number and distillery name. It’s an intentionally sparse design, and it works—Chiyoizumi’s Awamori feels like just the sort of bottle that an aesthetically minded drinker could proudly display in her well-curated home.

Humid Daze: Archetype Brewing

When it comes to beer labels, we say the weirder the better. Which probably explains why we’re so into Humid Daze’s designs for Asheville, North Carolina, brewery Archetype’s Timely Surrender beer. Jones illustrated the large format bottles with a series of surreal tableaus (think aliens, yin-yangs, blissed-out pool floating, and mystic temples) rendered in gorgeous, woozy colors. Each label is like its own mini-poster, which leads us to our next question: Where can we get one for our walls?

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