As we prepare for the inaugural AIGA Eye on Design Conference, we meet some of our esteemed speakers to find out more about them, their work, and what you can expect from them on the big day.

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Meg Lewis is a designer and founder of Ghostly Ferns, a family of freelance creatives that specializes in creating friendly, personable brand experiences for happy companies. She approaches brand work holistically in roder to create an entire experience that’s fun and enjoyable, but most importantly, her life purpose is to make the world a little happier and a little brighter.

Your studio Ghostly Ferns works with others to create unique products, illustrations, graphics, and more. What is your key to capturing a brand or collaborator’s essence, given your past work and experience? Do you have the same process for each project?

We love to work collaboratively with brands and listen, listen, listen to them explain their brand and their audience. We think it’s important to immerse ourselves completely in their culture to get a full understanding of what makes their brand most unique and personable. We love to bring out the positives and exciting differences in each brand through the experience we design for them. Because of this unique approach, our process is always different depending on the brand. Every brand is just as unique as our process.

 A big part of your work captures a fun, bright energy. What makes you the happiest?

My favorite question! I’m at my happiest when I can create an environment for my friends, family, neighbors, clients, and coworkers to feel supported and uplifted. This allows them to feel comfortable being themselves and shine completely.

 Among your other projects, you recently started Fool Proof, a “space to support creativity and celebrate collaboration.” Tell us more about it––what sparked you to create something like this?

Ghostly Ferns is a part of a similar space in Brooklyn called Small City. During my time at Small City, I met my fellow Ghostly Ferns, my best friends, coworkers, future clients, and my second family. It’s a space of complete creative and emotional support. As soon as I moved to Minnesota I knew I wanted to replicate that. Fool Proof is a safe place for creatives to be themselves and be supported and challenged daily.