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Four Killer Can Designs for Everything from IPAs to CBD

Welcome to Happy Hour, our favorite time of the month when we get to wax poetic on all things booze branding. This month we’ve got four colorful cans for your drinking pleasure. Check them out below.

Studio Crême: Three Hills Brewing

What do grids and beer have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing to be honest. Nonetheless, they do look awfully nice on a label, as shown by Three Hills Brewing’s new line of beers. Studio Crême designed a series of eight labels for the British beer maker, including red, orange, and magenta cans with a lovely gridded backdrop. The other cans in the 440ml series have hazy backgrounds, sans-serif type, and the occasional goat. How it all fits together, we’re not entirely sure. But it sure does look good.

Play Studio: Original Pattern Brewing Company

Play Studio recently revamped the identity for Oakland, CA, brewery, Original Pattern Brewing Company, giving it a brand that fits perfectly with its name. The series of cans centers around typographic patterns that swirl, snake, and wave. Each of the resulting multi-colored cans has its own look, which we can only describe as perfectly, playfully busy.

Dram Apothecary: CBD Sparking Water

When Dram Apothecary decided to rebrand its line of CBD-infused sparkling waters it looked to its surroundings in southwestern Colorado, a landscape filled with dusty mountains and dreamy brush and foliage. The resulting cans, designed in-house by co-founder Brady Becker, evoke a warm southwestern vibe with Matisse-esque illustrations at the center of a soft white can. Are the contents as soothing as the design? There’s only one way to find out.

Hey Studio: Caravelle Beer

We have to admit, we’re still not over gradients. At least not when they look this good. The designers at Spanish Hey Studio designed a new label for the Barcelona restaurant Caravelle for its line of in-house beers. The designers focused the label around a simple black sans serif word mark and a pleasant, angular gradient of colors that look less like gradients in the true sense and more like beautiful rolling hills.

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