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Happy Hour is Back!

Did you miss us? Well, we sure missed you. Faithful readers will remember a series we used to run called Happy Hour, where every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. Having had a little time off—a sort of detox, if you will—we are well and truly back, with a new monthly format where we hit the bar and the bottle store to highlight four of the best drink designs around. Cheers!

Bedow, St. Erhard packaging


The ever fabulous Stockholm-based studio Bedow recently unveiled its designs for German brewery St. Erhard. The identity uses an intriguing typographic system and three little shapes to denote the first three beers in the range: Farmer, Mayflower, and Saison. The designers used a typographic system with geometric shapes to allow the brewery to easily grow its range with new beers, according to Bedow. The labels are offset printed with one hot foiled geometric shape on each label.

Thirst Craft, Lindemans Lambics Range

Glasgow agency Thirst Craft is no stranger to our Happy Hour series, and today we’re celebrating its recent work on Lindemans Lambics Range, working across two of its flagship products to give them “an elegant new look.”

The designs use the brand’s signature dark green bottle to their advantage, contrasting the elaborate frame by using “juicy, vibrant flavor cues.” 

Thirst Craft creative director Matt Burns says: “It’s always been a brand we’ve loved and admired, so with this project we wanted to create a beautiful design that did justice to the beer inside.”


The Font, Guidobono

Off to Italy now, thanks to The Font and its rather lovely work for family-run wine brand Guidobono. According to the designers, the identity needed to “turn the company into a brand.” The Font’s designs use two lines that intersect at the site of a crossing, “a ‘place’ simultaneously both graphic and conceptual, aspiring to symbolize the generational bond between grandmother Velia (the vineyard’s first owner) and her children who have carried on the business,” says The Font, “as well as the meeting point between the dedication of her grandchildren—both winemakers—and the generosity of extraordinary regions such as Roero, Langhe, and Barolo.

“Guidobono wines emerge from this ‘intersection’ of lives, affections, people and territories.”

 OlssønBarbieri, Tales Of…

Want your cocktails ready to drink, stat? Want them with some of the loveliest illustration we’ve seen on packaging design in a long time? Then look no further than Tales Of…, a Norwegian bottled cocktail brand with designs by OlssønBarbieri and featuring illustrations by Egle Zverblyte.

The agency was briefed to create a brand platform for the new range that would showcase ideas of craft and natural ingredients, aimed at the 25+ age group. It launches with two cocktails: Sidecar and Oslo Mule (a Moscow Mule with Aquavit instead of vodka).

“We took advantage of the fact that we didn’t have any heritage, spirit brand or a bartender name to relate to, and were free to define a new look for this product category,” says the studio. “The illustrations and storytelling offer a more crafted and contemporary take on the RTD category, suggesting a committed approach to real taste and quality ingredients. The overall playful look is paired with a factual and detailed back label true to the production as well as a recount of who, where, and how the drinks came to be.

“An overall independent attitude is instilled in the products, triggering curiosity to try the entire range. The brown bottle contributes to communicate craft and helps to preserve the natural juice and ingredients.”

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Happy Hour