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Global Beer Branding, Painterly Gin Bottles + Serene Kombucha

A toast to the best branding in beverages

It’s that time of the month again when we close our work email and crack open some exceptionally well-designed beverages. The last Friday of every month we’ll be raising a glass to celebrate some of the best new bottles (and cans) to hit store shelves. Here’s what we’re toasting to this month.

ClearBrand, Latitude Brewing

Drinking beer is a decidedly humble endeavor—grab a bottle, flick the top, and enjoy. But that doesn’t mean the beer label has to be humble, too. ClearBrand developed an ambitious identity for a new luxury brewing company called Latitude that brews beers across the globe. The jet black bottles feature a bold, color-coded typographic treatment with numbers that signify the latitude coordinates at which the beer was brewed. Simple, but certainly not modest.

Thirst Craft, Wild Island Gin

Wild Island makes gin in the Scottish tradition—floral, boozy, and full of local ingredients. Its newest gin, Sacred Tree, has a botanical-driven flavor, which pairs beautifully with its woozy bottle design. The Glasgow-based studio Thirst Craft designed a soft illustration to give the clear bottle a burst of color. The thin, sans-serif font creates a simple and elegant identity that plays nicely against the watercolor dashes of purple, orange, and pink.

Glasfurd & Walker, Savio Barbara

When the Italian winery Cantina del Pino approached the Vancouver restaurant Savio Volpe to collaborate on a new wine, it wanted to create a voluptuous, bold wine—and a label to match. The design studio Glasfurd & Walker crafted an identity that merges the whimsicality of Savio Volpe with Catina del Pino’s traditional Italian vibe. The resulting series of labels playfully manipulate type and shapes. The studio says, “Each label plays with the relationship of two elements; a metaphor for the two companies collaborating that share a sensibility and spirit but live on other sides of the world.”

Kati Forner, Muse + Metta Kombucha

Ok ok. So kombucha isn’t booze, per se. But it’s bubbly! And let’s be real, makes for an excellent mixer. Los Angeles designer Kati Forner designed this ultra-soothing packaging for a new line of fizzy health juice from Muse + Metta. Each flavor comes with its own muted color palette that’s designed to evoke flavors like nettle, mango, peach, and pineapple. It’s almost too pretty to drink.

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