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Two Takes On Tequila, a Beer + a Boozy Kombucha You’ll Want in Your Fridge

Bottoms up. It’s another round of Happy Hour, where we bring you the best in boozy branding. This month we’ve got two handsome bottles of tequila (margaritas, anyone?), an op-art beer label, and a very stylish high-ABV kombucha. Cheers!

Martin L’Allier: MonsRegius brewery

What can we say about this bottle from Québecois brewery MonsRegius besides the obvious: We want it in our fridges. Canadian designer Martin L’Allier, who also happens to be a co-owner of the brewery, created a simple but effective series of beers that have bright, graphic labels. This one for the brewery’s white IPA is proof perfect. Its orange label is dotted with big pink circles that have nothing to do with the beer besides make it look like something you’d like to drink on a warm day—which is plenty enough reason for us to celebrate it.

Lyon & Lyon: Hiatus tequila

Tequila is a drink for all (legal) ages, but when new booze brand Hiatus began thinking about who to design for, it had a very specific set of customers in mind: Old millennials. The designers at London’s Lyon & Lyon explain that the branding is meant to feel like a modern, fresh departure from traditional tequila brands. They wanted to create something that felt fun, but not too fun. Trustworthy, but not too trustworthy (this is tequila after all). The result is a streamlined bottle with a bold sans serif logo in white ink that runs across a black strip of paper like a ticker. The rest of the bottle is plastered with a handful of paper labels that create a cool, collage-like effect. 

Make Bardo: Walker Brothers kombucha

Is it a beer? Is it a juice? From the looks of these handsome cans, it might be a little bit of both. New Zealand design studio Make Bardo created a series of colorful cans for the Nashville-based brewer of high gravity kombucha, Walker Brothers. The cans feature a classy sans serif word mark with a wavy logo that’s meant, perhaps, to convey the feeling you’ll get after drinking one of these juice bombs. The cans come in saturated, sporty hues, which is almost enough to convince us that this drink is healthy.

Yujo: Peccata Minuta tequila

For those times when a big bottle is too much but no bottle is not enough, Peccata Minuta tequila is there for you. The designers at Mexican studio Yujo created the branding for this mini bottle of booze, which centers around an eggshell blue label and traditional illustrations. The identity is simple, fun, and just classy enough to to not raise suspicions when you carry a few around in your bag.

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