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Classy, Abstract Wine Labels, Sparkly Mead Cans, Branded Beer + One Very Ornate Whiskey Bottle

Ah, Happy Hour, the time of the month when we kick back and take stock of our favorite bottles and cans. This time we’ve got a classy line of wine, an ornate bottle of whiskey, a sparkly can of mead, and a branded beer that we’d be proud to have in our fridge. Want to read more? Scroll down for the best in booze branding this month.

Thirst Craft: Cù Bòcan whiskey

A label can be overkill when you have a bottle as complex as the vessel for Cù Bòcan’s whiskey. When the Scottish distillery enlisted Thirst Craft to rebrand its six-year-old booze, the design studio decided to keep the label simple and let the bottle speak for itself. A blocky sans serif runs down the side of the bottle in small type, while the glass twists into a statuesque form with carved lines, creating a cool refracted pattern when light shines onto it.

Voice Design: Maxwell wine

A sparkly wine deserves a gleaming can, and that’s exactly what you get with Voice Design’s label for the sparkling mead from Maxwell wines. The designers crafted an intricate line-work illustration that nods to honey wine’s connection to bees. The drawing is printed in gold ink on a white can, giving the drink a luxe and gilded look that feels suited to the honey king himself.

Bailey Nelson: Bailey Brew

Bailey Nelson doesn’t make beer by trade, but that hasn’t stopped the Australian eyeglasses shop from coming up with a lovely label for its in-house brew. The optical shop partnered with Ben Buckler Brewery in Sydney, Australia, to create a celebratory beer that it will serve at store events and marketing activations. Though “authenticity” isn’t the first word that comes to mind for a marketing-oriented beer, the label itself (created in-house) is attractive enough for us to ignore that fact. The mint green label wraps around a black can, and its two type treatments—a bold sans-serif and a lightweight typewriter font—black type ties the whole thing together into a very cool, vaguely mint-chip ice cream-esque package.


It's a Studio: Avaton wine

Can you guess the symbols on these bottles of wine? No? In that case, we’ll tell you. Athens-based It’s a Studio crafted a series of labels for Grecian luxury resort Avaton, and they’re an abstract representation of what the resort is all about—sun, sea, and paved pathways to get to said sun and sea. The designers rendered the environmental moments into stark black and white patterns that give the opaque black bottles a slick, luxurious look that would be right at home on a poolside table during sunset.

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